What dreams may come

I had a dream.

Many months ago, I had this gorgeous dream. In the dream, I was there on a beach briefly. I was transported from somewhere else and found myself at this beach I did not recognize. Being a beach lover, I can pretty much look at any picture of a beach and come pretty close as to where its located. This beach had me puzzled. I stood there and felt the warm sand beneath my feet and felt the warm air engulfing me. Where was I? I turned around and around and soaked in the beauty. The rocks rose to the sky in their own tower forms covered with vegetation. Two surfers ran past me laughing at each other and smiled at me as they ran by. The surfers ran towards a rock that curved over like a wave. I never saw a curve quite like it and the surfers just ran sideways on it and did a flip into the ocean. I thought that feat was very interesting, especially since we have this thing called “gravity” here on earth. But you know, it was a gravity thing and many of my dreams defy it, so let’s continue. After I saw that, I turned back to the ocean water and walked into it. I wanted to take a swim.

When I woke up, I was so mesmerized by what I dreamnt. Often my dreams are what I will see in the future either in print or video or even tv. Actually, my dreams of places are seen in real life too. I wrote a blog about it to document what I saw and I scoped all over the internet for that image I saw in my dream of that rock formation and beach, but had no luck. I knew it had to exist somewhere. I found a picture, but I was not satisfied with it on my blog many months ago. I just used it as an example. It wasn’t quite like what I saw. I might still have that blog. Somewhere here.

Flash forward 10 months later to today. I found the EXACT rock I dreamnt about! Was it a dejavu moment? I was watching a Youtuber (SMP Films) who I subscribe to (go check him out because he’s pretty cool) and in one of his many videos there is a beach video, so I clicked on it. At exactly 1:00 into the video, I saw my beach I dreamnt about! I thought, “Wow, that’s the beach from my dream! The rock had the curve exactly how I saw it in my dream and the water was bright blue/green, almost neon in color.” Now I know where that beach is located. Maya Bay, Thailand is my paradise beach. I think my dream is telling me to go there. Lol. No seriously. Right after I go to Monte Saint Michel and Lake Como, Italy. Come with me….

I didn’t write about Thailand to just write about travel places, but because today I finally saw my dream beach! It almost feels otherwordly and I’m all about feeling otherworldly in exotic locations. Do you have paradise dreams? Have any of your dreams been so beautiful that you wake up and wonder if that place really exists? I found mine….exactly 1:00 into this video.

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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