That’s a pool?!

Can you just imagine swimming to the other side of the pool? It would take probably one or two hours just to do one and half lap length wise. This is the biggest outdoor pool in the world! It’s located in South America in San Alfonso del Mar in Chile. Apparently, you can ride on a boat, kayak or just have a lazy time floating around all day on your raft in 19 acres of water.

4 thoughts on “That’s a pool?!

    1. Hey thanks Kristoffer! Didn’t have time for lunch today, unfortunately. My friends always get on my case about that, but you know how it has been lately with deadlines and clients to see. I think that pool is a LITTLE too big for me. I would definately like to relax on a water raft and float wherever the wind took me. 🙂

  1. Alex Nikinauta

    Yes Beautiful pool! I did not know this place, but now I learned to read their stories is also culture.

    I will also agree that you should eat in your lunch hour!

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