Where’s the Masquerade Ball?

Tonight I got my first masquerade mask! Isn’t it mysterious? I love it! I saw it at a store and just had to buy it. Of course, I don’t have a masquerade ball to go to, but it’s there ready if I ever need it.

The outlining of the mask around the eyes really is striking. My eyes are brown, I don’t know why they look black in this photo.

My serious look.

What is the history behind masquerade masks? I thought since people will be dressing up for Halloween parties all over the country, I’d share a little fun information with my readers. During the renaissance era in Venice, the upper class and nobility would throw big costume parties. The lure of the different types of masks would shield everyone from flirting with people they usually would not flirt with on a normal basis. Others at this time thought this was a disgusting act and encouraged immorality. The masquerade balls caught on to other countries in Europe and the United Kingdom, eventually making its way to the United States during the colonial times. The different types of masked were full face masks that only allowed the person’s eyes to show. Those who had this type of mask had a harder time to eat or drink and had to do that in private if they wanted their face to remain a secret. The typical half mask (the kind I’m wearing) allowed a person free to eat and drink as they wished. Then there were the masks that covered the entire head so that the mask could have more of an elaborate design and decoration added from the top. The most popular for Mardi Gras are the stick masks where one holds the mask on a stick, albeit it can be hard to drink or eat while holding on to the stick while conversing and eating.

2 thoughts on “Where’s the Masquerade Ball?

    1. Thanks Kristoffer! Our friend, J Dan said I looked like an Egyptian queen or “wife of a ruler”. LOL! He also thought my mask looked very expensive, but I told him it was from Walgreens and cost $6 dollars. Thanks for showing me your mask earlier, it was cute!

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