My special place….

I just finished watching a video by one of the YouTubers I subscribe to. She was talking about her bedroom and how wonderful it was to be back in her own “special place”. When I heard that, I realized I didn’t have a bedroom I could go back to. I’ve moved so many times in my life and have had so many childhood bedrooms, there isn’t one home I can return to. Each home I’ve lived in, I’ve had great memories of my bedroom; the place I grew up in as a child and as a teenager. I’ve had about 9 childhood bedrooms. Each one holds special memories of certains ages. I wish I could say I had a place to go back to that was just my own, but I don’t. I wish I could have taken pictures of all my beds. That would’ve been interesting.

The more I thought about it, my special place has always been with me. I just never saw it as my special place because it was always in front of me the entire time. It was just always there that I took it for granted or I just felt right at home when I laid in it. It didn’t matter if I was in Brazil or not, my special place is my hammock that I brought back from Brazil. Sometimes when we’d travel on a boat down the Amazon river, we’d sleep in hammocks. Traveling in Brazil, everyone has to bring along a hammock because the boats don’t have beds. Everything in the boat is open. You can put up your hammock and literally watch the jungle go past you. At night you can hear the sounds of the motor and the sounds of animals that roam in the night. My life has been like Indian Jones. I’ll have to post a picture of me on a hammock in a boat. When I find it, I’ll come back here and post it. Whenever we stayed at a very poor families home by the Amazon river (often they are called “River People”), we’d sleep in their house in our hammocks. When we’d have vacation, we’d tie our hammocks to the huts facing the ocean or to some palm trees. My hammock is my traveling bed. This whole time, I thought my “special place” had to be a building made up of four walls. It’s not. At least not for me. I can take my hammock anywhere in the world and be perfectly content. It’s a little piece of home. There is art in laying in a hammock. I’ve mastered it very well and can easily be taken to a dreamy world. There is no other feeling in the world to lay in one and just let the tip of your toes lightly brush the floor below you as you swing gently side to side.

I have my hammock with me at my home, but it’s too cold to put it up. It’s harder to find hammock hooks here, but when we had our beach house, I was always laying in mine and reading a good book.

I just want to add that I’m enjoying getting to know my new friends that I’ve met recently. Your daily emails and comments really brighten up my day. I love that I can talk about many topics to you and hear about your life. You have no idea how much I love reading your emails and the time you take to write about anything and everything. Thank you for trusting me in what you say as well. We have such a big world and it’s great to get to know the beautiful souls within this gorgeous world we live in.

2 thoughts on “My special place….

  1. I love this song ! This post strikes a chord with me. I have grown up by the beach. I can honestly say I do not enjoy the beach that much, but I enjoy having it there. I guess it just adds to the scene. Its a lovely background to life. I’m sure some of the greatest moments of your life have taken place by the place you love.And by greatest, I do not mean the most grand, but I mean the most meaningful.


    1. Yep, it’s one of my favorites too. I love the beach! Especially the Brazilian beaches because they stretch for miles of white sands and sand dollars. I must admit, I’ve had a very beautiful childhood because it’s like waking up inside a postcard everyday. Josiah, you hit the nail in the head with your “I do not mean the most grand, but I mean the most meaningful.”. That’s *exactly* what I was trying to convey to my readers. I’m glad you completely understood that!


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