Come on baby light my fire…

I’m listening to one of my all time favorite songs “Light My Fire” by the group UB40. I listen to UB40 all year long with their reggae sounding music. I am crazy about their song “The Way You Do The Things You Do”. Everytime I hear that song I get this romantic notion of suddenly writing a poem or song. I guess it would make a cute song to listen to before going on a date, yes? I also absolutely love “Here I am Baby” which makes me want to cuddle next to the fireplace. Everytime a relationship ended I’d listen to “Red, Red Wine” and drown my sorrows in a lyrical version of wine. I’ve never had red wine anyways! UB40 pretty much does it for me. There are several bands and singers that get me in a romantic mood, but I’ll save them for another blog.

I remember in my 20’s, I went through this “Bohemian” phase where I wore my hair in loose twisties all summer long. I was rockin’ those long skirts and boho bags. All I’d listen to was reggae. No alcohol or drugs. I was a clean “Bohemian girl”. I still like my long skirts though. I have this one that I got in Greenwich Village that I always get complimented on. I need to go back and get another one. It’s just another excuse to roam the streets of Greenwich Village.

I bring you my fireplace tonight. To most, it’s not a big deal, for me, it is. I’m still fascinated by them. I was working on this very fire tonight. After a few huffing and puffing to get the wood burning, the fire would not cooperate with me. My place was starting to smoke up even though I had the chimney open for the smoke to go out. It wasn’t really bad, but it was enough for me to stop trying to light a fire. So I decided to do the dishes. I must’ve been washing for about a good five minutes before I happened to glance over at my fireplace. Much to my surprise, the fireplace was ablazin’ with a very lit fire! It was perfect! It was like someone turned on a “on” button and it suddenly sprang to life. I sat by it and warmed my toes and hands. I’ve taken other pictures of my fireplace, but it wouldn’t be the same because I was talking specifically about this fire.

So what memories do you have from fireplaces? Does it remind you of visiting your relatives? Does it give you a sense of coziness and a safe feeling to be home? Do you live in the moment like I do?

I love nights like these….

10 thoughts on “Come on baby light my fire…

  1. Where I live there is no need for fire places. It is far too hot ! But I do agree with you that there is some music that just sparks my creativity in a particular way. It’s hard to describe. The emotion in the music draws out the emotion in me. Music like that ends up being my favorite.

  2. I’m on my lunch break now about to eat a delicious Brazilian styled hotdog. If I may be so bold to ask, where are you writing from? May I guess Arizona? That’s the only hot place (other than Texas) that I can think of here in the US. I’ve been to Arizona before and yes, it’s very hot there! Now sure how long I would last there because I need to be around it lake, river or ocean. Reggae brings out the free spirit within myself. But when it comes to inspiration for being artistic (oil painting), hands down it’s my favorite music by the group “Mythos: Realities of a Dreamer”. I could get so lost just listening to them. Their music is very dreamy and mystical. I believe they are a Canadian group. Gotta love the Canadians. When it comes to inspiration for photography and editing them, I’d say my favorite trance artist (and the best DJ in the world as voted by DJ Magazine), Armin van Buuren. When I am on a long road trip, I always listen to Armin. Awesome comment you stated here. As usual, my comment replies are a novel!!

      1. That’s great! You know, I didn’t get a notice of your most recent comment in my email. I just so happened to pass by this blog and saw your answer. Hm….I guess I need to enable the “notify of follow up comments by email” 🙂

  3. Oi Eu prometi que ia continuar comentando aqui e aqui estou para fazer meu comentario.
    Estou escrevendo no meu idioma para ficar bem original o que escrevo .
    è Voçê tem razão esta foto é muito bonita principalmente devido a cor da foto, uma cor de
    Alaranjado com vermelho vivo e cor de rosa !
    Voçê pergunta que sentimento sobre quando vejo uma lareira Eu sentir, Humm.
    Sentimentos muito especial para ser partilhado com aquela pessoa quem eu Amo !
    O que Eu posso escrever sobre estes sentimentos e pensamentos meus aqui é me
    imaginar de frente uma lareira na sala sentado no carpete ela do meu lado sem ela perceber eu pego na mão dela isto seria muito magico, é claro neste instante meu Coração estaria querendo sair do peito de tanto bater Acelerado ! onde posso ir só até aqui ! neste meu comentário , quer saber mais compre meu livro que ainda não escrevi este livro esta escrito dentro do meu Coração !

    1. A very poetic comment my friend! The rose colored flames….not sure if I like them in there, but they do give a feminine feel for the fire. If you go to my YouTube video of “What I did Tonight”, you’ll see more photography of last year of the same fireplace….those pictures I love because I was being a little more serious in my picture taking! You have a very romantic heart Alex. I’m sure that lucky lady friend of yours will be more than happy to hold your hand. Seu coracao estaria querendo sair do peito de tanto bater!! Don’t you agree though, that food made outside in the open fire tastes amazing? I think so!

    1. That’s great! I ran out of firewood, so I need to get more to have more cozy fires. However; it’s been quite rainy and windy lately, not to mention humid lately. Hopefully, it will get cold again! Thanks for stopping by ASoulWalker! 😉

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