Don’t forget about October

October is finally upon us! This morning was so cold! I’m excited to bring out my favorite black scarf I got as a gift. Tonight I lit up my fireplace and warmed my toes. There is something so cozy and comforting about sitting and just watching the flames dance around. Having a fireplace still mesmerizes me. In Brazil, that is unheard of. We warmed our toes by laying out on the lovely white beaches overlooking the ocean. Christmas lights were hung from palm trees and laying on the hammock was typical on a Christmas morning (if you were on vacation). I’ll never get tired of watching a fireplace. The only thing missing was a hot cup of cocoa. It was a cozy and quiet night. I hope to have more of those before the holiday craziness begins and the nights are filled with baking cookies and wrapping presents (or having a dinner party or two).

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to statistics, 1 in every 8 women will be affected by this disease. The only way to prevent it is to be checked out by your doctor. There are many organizations that will be handing out pamphlets and information regarding symptoms and treatments. There are also many numerous fundraisers all around the country (and world) who will have organized events to raise money to find a cure for this disease and to help raise money for treatment.

I know, personally, I’ve been affected by this. No, I don’t have breast cancer. My mom does. Even though she is my adoptive mom I still get checked by my doctor. Seeing what my mom has gone through in the past 10 years has had its ups and downs. I’ve seen her go through chemotherapy, radiation and having to shave her hair. I think when she first asked me to shave her hair, I wasn’t quite sure how to react. Her hair was falling out and she wanted it just to be done already, so I obliged. I almost cried as I shaved it. Now, 10 years later, I still do it and it’s not as bad. Her hair never grew back (just a tiny bit), so she wears wigs. Her cancer comes and goes. Sometimes she’s in remission and other times it comes back. Right now, it has come back and she is doing treatments. Her spirits are high and she is busier than ever. She has seen some of her friends pass away from breast cancer and she considers herself very lucky (and so do I). When she feels low and sad when she hears a doctor’s report, I stay strong for her (even though I want to cry). She has shown enormous strength through all of this which has rubbed off on me. The reality is that cancer is a vicious disease and knows no boundaries or age. It not only affects the person themselves, but the entire family and community. Together, with enough resources, dedication and unity, we can find a cure for this disease.

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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