Popcorn dates!

I’ve come to subscribe to one particular blogger who blogs about her love life. It’s quite fascinating and psychologically interesting. Ah, the 20’s. I remember those days. However; I do love the 30’s so much better. The way she writes is pretty much the same way I blog here. I was thinking the other day how reading what she writes or anyone, in fact, who blogs about their love life can be like reading a horror, comic or drama book.

Today I was reading it with a Homer Simpson “Doh!” opinion, followed by a “nooooooooooo!”. But I guess people have to learn on their own. Another time, when I read about her date, it was followed by a “ouch!”. You want the hero to win the man of her dreams. You cheer her on on each date she goes (from your end of the blogosphere universe) and you feel for her when a guy dumps her. When she asks her readers if she should go out with that guy or the other guy, you are screaming at your laptop, “That guy!!”, but of course, she goes with her own choice and ends up getting rejected by the one she chose. You almost can hear a stadium groan all at once when their favorite team fumbles with the ball. Ok. Reading her blogs is also like watching a sportsgame. Cheer, cheer, cheer…oh no…it’s a foul ball! Or when a guy says something stupid to her while at dinner…..ooooh, that’s a striiiiiike!!! But I keep coming back for more. Don’t judge me. I find her blogs interesting and that’s why I subscribed to her. We are all bloggers here and want to share our experiences with the world. It’s our way of documenting what goes in our life, it’s just that some make that their entire focus on their blogs. My blogs are a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It takes courage, if you will, to completely feel brave open comfortable with what we write and how personal we write to our readers. I’m still testing the waters as to how much I really tell about my personal life. And yes, I was actually eating popcorn as I read one of her blogs. Good thing I didn’t choke to death at one of her funny sentences while eating my popcorn–I was laughing so hard!

4 thoughts on “Popcorn dates!

  1. I agree with you Josiah. I’ve learned that you can be personal if it’s something that has happened in the past with feelings. You can also write about hopes and dreams for the future with the same feelings too. The trick is not to always write about what is happening currently. I only write personal when it comes to making a point such as my next blog, but to write about how stressful my job can be, the countless things I have to accomplish in a day and how some days seem to be working against me, I don’t write about it. There’s enough stress in everybody’s life, I don’t want to add to it. I don’t like complaining anyways and always look for the positive in things that may not work out. For example, I had wanted to buy this house, but I ended up not getting it. I was devastated. But no one knew because I wrote about something else that day. I was actually quite sad the entire day, but I didn’t write about it because it’s not what my blog is about. I’m a very private person to begin with, but I can write easily about funny, serious and random things without getting too personal. I also realize there are people who look at my blogs just to get some “juicy” details, but they won’t get it. I only want people who truly want to read what I write. People like you! 🙂

  2. Hehe! Touche! If people who read my blogs really “read” my blogs, they’ll understand my way of thinking which then gives them a pretty good idea of who I am without really becoming personal. They know me “personally” by the way I write. I’ve often had friends tell me they can tell how I’m feeling just by the way I’m writing and that’s even when I’m thinking I’m being “slick” and not saying much….but then again, they are my personal friends. Some say I’m complicated. Others don’t totally get me. How about you? Do you feel mysterious here in WordPress or do you slowly want others to figure you out?

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