How my love for art & Dick van Dyke began

Good morning! I have a few moments with you before I need to go. I wanted to share with you one of my all time childhood movies! When I was little, I loved drawing and painting as most children do. My mom was very artistic and would give me opportunities to draw to my heart’s content. I wasn’t the best artist when it came to animals, but I sure loved painting nature. When I first watched “Mary Poppins”, I thought it was the most amazing movie! I had no idea you could “jump” into a chalkboard sidewalk street art! As a Kindergartner, I remember drawing with my chalk a very simple tree with a lake and trying to jump into the picture like the children did in the movie. I would close my eyes and jump. How I wished I was taken inside the world of an art picture. To this day, I still love wandering the art museums and wondering how life was in the paintings. There were several weeping willow trees in the Jolly Holiday scene, I think it may have to do with why to this day I love weeping willow trees. They are a constant reminder of a musical childhood and of Mary Poppins, of course! The scene where Bert is introduced has got to be one of my favorite childhood characters. Thus, my love for Dick van Dyke was born.

What child didn’t want an uncle just like Bert who was fantastically played by Dick van Dyke? Bert was so much fun, lovable, optimistic, playful and funny! Bert was the kind of character who encouraged dreams and imagination for children. He even would let uptight Mary Poppins chill out once in a while.

I am lucky to have had my own “Bert”. One of my mom’s bestfriend’s husband is just like him! Just like Bert, our family friend is into art, music, sings and dances. Our family friend is artistic, funny, optimistic, loving and all around good guy; he definately exudes a positive attitude for life. Even though he’s a lot older now, whenever we see him, he is still goofy and funny to be around!

Ever since watching “Mary Poppins”, I’ve grown to be a Julie Andrews and a Dick van Dyke fan. I’ve followed their career through the years. It’s a special time in movies where cartoons and real actors were mixed together which really capture’s a child’s imagination. Mary Poppins will forever be a special movie for me, not only for its music, but for the introduction of living art, but exploration of art.

It’s always a Jolly Holiday with Mary and Bert!

5 thoughts on “How my love for art & Dick van Dyke began

    1. Me neither! Something about that decade and how they made musicals is priceless. It gives you a good feeling, which is vital in todays society where all we hear are about crimes, terror plots etc. It’s nice to get away to an innocent era in our minds. Balances us out. Who are some of your favorite childhood characters in movies?


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