Can you find the 9 faces?


Hey guys! So I love optical illusions and wanted to share with you this one. I couldn’t find the 9th face for a while! I finally found it after I just focused on it. Lol. How was your day? I would have written a longer blog, but these nights are quite busy. Today I saw the funniest bike going down the street. It looked like two bikes on top of each other with a guy riding it with huge handlebars. As I stared at him coming down the road, I had to do a double take. How does he get up there? How does he stop? If he stops, does he just fall slowly to one side? It was the craziest thing I saw all day! He was riding in a somewhat busy road, so I was a tiny bit worried once he got to a busier intersection. The bike looked like this. The person in the photo is not who I saw today, this picture is just an example.

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