My dream car: Aston Martin 2012


Ah yes. The beautiful and elusive Aston Martin. I’ve been in love with these babies since I watched my James Bond movies! I can’t help it if I want to race with the big boys in their expensive cars! Of course, reality is, I don’t own one and I probably never will because they cost a fortune, but that’s beside the point. It’s fun to dream, right? Inside this car, it looks like a cockpit ready to take off! Push a button here, push a button there, turn for your headlights; where’s my license to drive an Aston? I could be flying in the air in one in a few years the way they are building them now. They are beautiful aren’t they?

Everytime I see this car the song “Oh Yeah” by Yello comes to mind. Here is the song if you are curious. It went with the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, but I think this song goes well a nice slow pan of the car. Lol.

Enjoy the video. And call me Java…Java Girl.




2 thoughts on “My dream car: Aston Martin 2012

  1. Is JavaGirl we have the same dreams by car I am also in love with an Aston Martin. By cars like Aston Martin, 1 two is 2 is 1971 Corvette
    I am sometimes means without grace to write here about your tastes and my tastes on various things and Affairs is many coincidence!

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