It’s movie night again!

Ok. So movie night is usually Thursdays, but yesterday I was too busy to sit down and watch something. I originally wanted to watch another movie, but the English subtitles were missing. At least on YouTube. I will have to try to find it at my local library or rent it online from FilmMovement. However, I peeked over at FilmMovement on YouTube and browsed through some of their movies. There were a couple movies that looked interesting, but too intense for a Friday evening. I already had my Pizza Hut Meatlovers and am quite happy right now. Time to get comfortable on the sofa. I promise, I have not seen this movie. This will be my first time. I chose this movie because it’s about kids in an urban setting who work on putting on a play. I’ve had experience with working with urban kids to put on a play, so this movie got my interest immediately. I’ve been in plays myself growing up in school and anyone who ever has been in a play, knows how much time and work to put on a 3 hour play. All the memorizing of lines (and the ones before your lines and the ones after especially if you have to give your dialogue immediately afterwards). I remember one play in Brazil, we had practiced for many hours in the evening and it was about 10pm at night when we finished. My house was nearby with a pool and I had several of my friends (castmates) come over and we all jumped into my pool! Swimming at night under the moon, surrounded by palm trees with great friends was a memory I still remember very clearly. The next night was opening night and it was exhilerating to hear everyone clap their hands and appreciate all of our hard work. Good times. This looks like an interesting documentary/film.

One more thing. When I post from FilmMovement, it seems it can’t be watched in every country. I will try to find a movie next week that everyone can watch. My apologies. I think the best bet would be to go to FilmMovement and see if you can buy their movies or be a member. They are not paying me to say this, but if anyone is a hardcore foreign film nut as I am, I’d say head over there and see what they’ve got. A lot of their films are from countries from all over the world. Most of the films I watch are all subtitled in English. Pass the popcorn please!

Enjoy the movie!

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