Let me tell you a little joke


My oh my! Can I just first state that this giraffe ate a little too much of something? Wow…. Anyways, so I saw this mensa joke and I thought it was pretty funny. The next time you are with a friend or whoever, tell them this joke. I tried it tonight with someone and it was too funny! Ok. So, here it goes. You must be in a place where it’s quiet or somewhat quiet as the person you tell this joke to has to “focus” on what you are saying. This is what you have to say to them.

Say “silk” five times.

Now spell “silk”.

What do cows drink?



The answer is not milk, but water. Your brain is so in tune with the “ilk” that it automatically thinks milk is the logical answer. The funny part is when the person realizes what they said and quickly states, “Oh! Water, water! I didn’t mean milk!” Hahahahahaha!


Goodnight! 🙂


To find jokes like these go to







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