Remembering September 11th

Today we honor those that died in the tragedy. We will never forget them. But there are others that have survived the attacks and continue to live each day as best as they can.

I watched some of the memorial opening of the National September 11 Memorial and Musuem in New York City. I was moved by it. I had wanted to wake up earlier to watch the beginnings of it, but my eyes would not cooperate so early. When I did wake up briefly, what I saw was almost dreamlike. On my tv screen, I saw many people walk slowly towards the new memorial. It was almost like a mirage of all the people who were lost that day and were coming back. I was half awake, so I thought maybe I was still dreaming. It was beautiful! It was emotional watching the ones crying and touching the names of their loved ones.

The memorial at the Pentagon is finished and looks amazing. There has been so much thought into each and every park, especially for the families and loved ones of the victims.

The September 11 National Memorial and Museum’s two pools where the two towers once stood remain but are surrounded by the nation’s biggest manmade waterfalls. The impression I got was that the families of the victims were happy with it and felt close to their loved ones today. The park really appears to give a sense of tranquility and serenity, but most of all reflection.

Did you hear about the lone tree that was rescued on September 11th? The tree was severely burned and all its leaves were broken off. The only remaining part was the trunk and roots. Two men rescued the tree which had stood by the two Twin Towers earlier and nurtued it for the past 10 years. The tree has flourished and blossomed.


It is alive and well! Last year, they transferred it to the current park where it stands now. The tree is called "The Survivor Tree" and continues to remind us that despite all we go through in life, we can recover and flourish. We are able to come back stronger, bigger and even more beautiful. The Survivor Tree has become a symbol of hope and renewal.

I am excited to go to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in mid October. You will have to reserve your tickets if you want to go there. I was able to reserve a few tickets for mid October when we go. If you want to get your own tickets, you'll have to do it now because they only allow a certain amount of people per month since they are still building nearby. There are specific rules of what things you can bring to the park. Bags have to be a certain size and there is a lot of security there to make sure everyone’s visit there is safe and memorable.

The link above is the website for it if you stop by NYC and want to see this new park. I will take photos and a video when we go up there, so be on the lookout for that next month on my blog. I can’t wait to show it to you! I am so excited and looking forward to this. I’ve waited for just the perfect time to go visit and now I am definately certain I made the right choice. I feel it was a turning point for many and a direction towards healing for everyone. I feel good inside. It was a good day filled with new hope for the future.


I went to the September 11th Memorial and Museum on October 28, 2011 and here is the video of my experience. Click below:

Click to watch video of my visit<

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