A letter to my past for September 10, 2001

Dear Self,

I’m sure you are a bit surprised to get a letter from me. I am you. Ten years from now. I write to you today to let you know of something you will go through tomorrow. Look around you. What do you see? Blue skies? A hint of cool air? Your life is normal now. You don’t have a lot to worry about. Your life has changed a bit, but you are doing well. I know you like your job and you have a wonderful boss, Eric. I know you love watching planes fly over you because you’ve flown in over 55 airplanes during your lifetime. It’s very easy to know where they are heading to and if they are landing in Philadelphia or leaving.

I just want you to know that your life will change tomorrow. I want you to be brave. The event will be shown worldwide. You will still continue to go to work, but it will be hard to focus. You’ll be asking a lot of questions as to why it happened. I wanted to include this photo I found a few days ago to give you. I’ve kept it in a safe place because I knew I’d give it to you around this time. Look at it carefully. When you take this picture, you’ll be up in the Empire State Building which I know is one of your favorite spots to be at. You will walk around and find a spot where you will snap this picture. That day, you had actually just been in one of those towers with your mom and friend. You went at another time, not this day.

I want to send encouragement to you. What you see, hear and watch will affect you for the rest of your life. You’ll meet and be connected by this tragedy by people you’ll encounter. After this current job you have, you’ll have another job where some of your closests friends will be firemen, police officers and soldiers. You’ll date 2 soldiers. You’ll patiently and quietly listen to their struggles coming back from war. You’ll encourage them as they prepare for war and as they pack up. You’ll correspond to one on a social network called Facebook. I know, it’s a dumb name and no, it’s not a book with a face! You’ll even hate Facebook, but the only reason why you’ll be on it is to stay in touch with friends who are somewhat addicted to it. You, however, will not be addicted to it and you only go there to read their emails. You will love twitter though! A lot of new technology will change and the world will be able to correspond a lot faster than you do now. There is another site called YouTube too. YouTube will play a big part in keeping the memories alive to those who were lost in the tragedy and many tributes from all over the world will be produced.

You are so touched and moved by what happens tomorrow, that a few years down the road, you become a certified American Red Cross Psychological First Aid counselor for people that go through traumatic experiences. But yourself, you say it doesn’t get any easier, but you are able to cope and deal with it every year. You find out later that one of your close friend’s cousin was one of the pilots in the airplanes. Everyone is connected through this. We all grieve. Everyone copes differently.

What you also learn from this is that you become fearless. The only thing you sometimes get flashback is when the airplanes you use to watch so happily, remind you of this event and you cringe just a little and wonder, “Is that plane flying a little too low?”. Through this, you will become stronger mentally, but you remain nostalgic and always remember to give a moment of silence to those heroes. You are inspired by the courage and heroism of complete strangers helping each other. You are saddened by those that are lost. When you feel sad, talk about it to a friend or your mom. Talking helps. At least for you. Never keep things inside and always go to bed with a happy thought of the day’s event, even if it was a bad day. Never take life for granted.

It will take 10 years for you to go back towards the twin towers, but you will this year that I am writing you from- 2011. Stay strong. Stay brave. Be compassionate and never ever let anyone to ever tell you to just “get over it”. Keep this letter in your purse or pocket if you should ever need a little reminder.

Never forget.

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