Don’t mess with a Hopeless Romantic

I had written an earlier blog, but deleted it. Basically, it was about how I am now able to make a hardback cover book of some of my favorite blogs. I think it’s a cute idea and something I will definately look into. I’ve picked a few special blogs to include thus far. I have until next June to choose more. I think a book of my 2011-2012 blogs would make a nice coffee table book, no? Something for my guests to thumb through if they do so desire. I need to get on the ball in taking more photography so I can include them in my little coffee table book. Should I order more books of my blogs? I mean, I kinda feel weird handing them to my friends and saying, “Here’s a book of some of my most popular blogs”. I mean, I write blogs as much for entertainment as I do for watching myself journey though the year and writing down my thoughts. I’m always honest with what I write, it’s just a fine line between how much I write and how personal I get. My previous blogs at another social site was much more personal. I sometimes go back and read them and think, ‘Holy cow. I really spilled my guts in that post’.

I’ve come to a conclusion that people have a certain attitude towards love by what kind of music and movies they watch. This has been bothering me for quite some time because of something I read recently. It made me somewhat angry, but that’s just my opinion. People who are positive and have a healthy view of what a relationship is are looked down upon because of their view and the people who feel jaded by it are viewed as “cool”. I don’t like being looked down upon in that aspect, so it has bothered me for two days. People who listen to depressing, angry and sad songs….is that how they view love? Because they are constantly being fed through the auditory and visual sense time and time again, is that how they just end up viewing love? This has gotten me extremely curious and I’m going to be calling up my friends to ask them what kind of music & movies regarding love that they listen to and I’m going to compare to how they view their current relationship or how they want their relationship to work. Is there a connection with what music or movies we watch/listen to and our relationships? (I’m channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw)

I do not watch soaps on tv. I hate them. I think they are ridiculous and it’s horrifying how they can go on and on here in the US. The soaps in Brasil last 8 months max. I only watched one soap down there and it was about a surrogate mother-it was awesome. I don’t like getting caught up with messed up relationships on tv and the drama that goes with it. But each to his/her own.

When it comes to what type of romantic music I listen to, its mostly about uplifting and comforting the one that you love. Music can change your way of thinking subconsciously, even though you may not know it. If listening to angry or depressing songs all day long, does that affect the way you converse with a friend after a bad breakup compared to someone who listened to uplifting and comforting songs? The person who listens to the depressing songs will have a longer time getting out of their rut than the person who is being fed with uplifting lyrics. Did you know there is a chemical reaction that occurs within your body when you listen to certain types of music? A cool New Age song or music will decrease your blood pressure and will release a healthy dose of serotonin which relaxes you and makes you feel happy. It’s not so much the type of music such as a slow to fast song, but more the lyrics to the song that can affect your mental well being. I know how I feel when I listen to Michael Buble’s song, “The Way You Look Tonight”. I feel incredible because the words to the song just uplifts me and makes me feel good about myself. Jason Mraz’s song, “The Remedy” makes me feel like everthing will be ok.

As for movies, I love romantic movies. If you tell yourself, “Meh. The perfect man will never come along”, well, you know what? He won’t! Not with that attitude. If you’re sitting there in a bar with a sour look on your face because every guy has cheated on you and a nice guy comes up to you and says hi, you will most likely judge him. I think with maturity and experience, the jaded attitude fades. But I guess it’s up to the person to want to change that mentality or keep recycling that train of thought. I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone (like myself) who loves romantic movies and loves the ending. For example, I love the movie “The Holiday”. One of the characters in the movie is a single dad. At the end of the movie (spoiler alert), he ends up with his happily ever after. For someone who sees that movie and is a single mom or dad and thinks, “Oh, that’s just the movies. Real life is not like that!” I think, why is that so? Maybe there is a guy out there who doesn’t mind a person with a child.

One things all hopeless romantic around the world agree on is that love stories from Romeo and Juliet to Avatar is that these movies (whether drama or romantic comedy) have characters that rebelled against society’s culteral and social norm by following their heart. If you have a jaded view of romantic movies with real life love potentials, then you have already allowed society to win. Romantic movies allow us to inspire. Think about it. How boring would a movie be if the two main characters were bland? There would be no challenges to face, no plot no nothing. Romantic movies make us want to get up and write a poem to our loved ones, write a song, take a walk with them in a park, make them dinner etc. To keep passion alive in a relationship, you need that fire! You have to want to honor and respect your partner despite what life throws at you.

Don’t mess with a hopeless romantic because it’s hard to enter our little universe and make us think otherwise. Views on romance with real life and movies will always be debated, but I am just curious to see how the media affects real life relationships and if there is a strong connection to it.

Anyways, here’s one of my favorite romantic comedies. The trailer always makes me laugh! Hugh Grant is awesome! I’m a big fan of his!

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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