My worst nightmare!

Have you guys seen this video? It’s all over the internet and I’ll show you in just a while. Let me just say that there is no amount of money on this planet that would convince me to do this job! Kudos to all the workers who climb up these towers to fix a lightbulb. Standing on a chair is as high as I’ll go! Just when I thought he was near the top, the narrator says he’s got 60 more feet to go? What? How high does he have to climb?! At one point, the sound disappears and I wondered if he was so high he lost all sound from planet earth, but it came back. Just my imagination running wild. Seeing those storm clouds to the right of the screen was getting me nervous and I’m just sitting at home watching the video; imagin being the climber! I’d want a good sandwich or something to celebrate my success of finally making it up there. Even if I had climbed it 1000 times, I’d still want food to calm my nerves!

This video is best seen in “full screen” meaning pushing the button on the bottom right hand corner next to the YouTube logo. The full view is really scarey and might make your heart race a little.

2 thoughts on “My worst nightmare!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! My friend, you are too funny sometimes! It’s 1:08 AM and you just made me giggle! I know, I was getting the weird butterflies in my stomache just watching it–funny, no? Esta chuvendo agora. Vou para cama e dormir. Obrigado for stopping by and commenting. Sorry it made you scared, but that was my point of posting this video, hehe! 😉 Have a great night! Tchau! 😀

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