Don’t be jealous of one another. Someone’s life may appear glamorous or they have everything you’ve ever wanted, but stop and think, despite all that, not everything is perfect. It’s only human nature to get a tinge of jealousy over something you see or hear once in a while, but usually it subsides, right? But once the ugly head of jealousy takes over you and you are consumed by it, it can turn you into someone you never were. Maybe you want the attention of the guy you like? Or maybe you want to have that amazing job your friend has. Or maybe you just want to top the next $5 million dollar wedding because you want to not be outdone by anyone else. Jealousy in relationships is a sign of insecurity. Some people are cold enough to even be jealous of someone else’s happiness. Jealousy can hurt and cause undo feelings to the other party because you don’t know them, you just assume or you already have a preconceived idea of them. Jealousy towards someone you know personally hurts even more.

We all want something we can’t have or afford. Next time you see that handbag or house of someone else, just stop and think how they might have achieved that, through hard work? Just lucky? So instead of being jealous of someone or something you don’t have (yet), just be happy for them. They might have worked their head off for many weeks, months or years to afford or have that thing you want. You never know the underlying story of how they got what they got. Because, who knows. Maybe what they have was actually given to them as a gift. Just be happy with what you’ve got because they are meant to be yours at that moment. Jealousy can be directed towards a more positive feeling of determination to want to achieve you want. Through hard work and discipline, you too can achieve things you’ve dreamed of.

The last time I was jealous (and it doesn’t happen often), I had to stop and redirect my thoughts. I was a little jealous about my coworker’s car. I wished I had one just as nice, but the thing was, her previous car was crap. Her car contantly stopped a lot on the street and it could’ve been dangerous for her. So my jealousy suddenly turned to happiness for her because now she was in a safer car (but she does have payments to make every month). My car is paid off (after several years) and I don’t have car payments every month. I’ll eventually get another car, but for now, I am happy with my car. But for that instance, I do remember wishing I had her car. Lol. We are all humans, but we can learn to change our way of thinking.

2 thoughts on “Jealous!

  1. perceptionshapes

    Jealousy happens….it can be over things we can see or touch or the things we feel over not getting by only realizing another is having. It can bring out the worst in us if we have feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, the simplest things can make someone jealous if they are constantly drawn to external things or people to define their value. I sense that jealousy stems from a need to compare, compete and control. Once we let those things go, we can truly feel blessed and appreciate that others are blessed as well, theres no scarcity thinking with abundance in spirit

    1. Very true. I’ve seen it on twitter where these girls constantly are tweeting their favorite celebrity just craving for attention from them every single day. It’s like they base their whole self worth and value on if they (the celebrity) will tweet them back. This is so weird to me and creepy too. Inferiority is a disease that consumes a lot of people today so they fill it up with hollow things such as food, wrong crowd etc. Jealousy can be tamed and turned into support and happiness for other people’s success.

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