I love songs like these!

How was your day?

If you are reading this and listening to this song I love you! I’m a big fan of The Sound of Music! I remember in High School I went to see my friend play “Marta” in her school play and how much fun it was to hear them sing this song. Austria continues to be one of my favorite countries to visit someday and I might just have a “moment” and spin around on the mountains once I get there. What makes this movie so popular? I like it first because it’s a true story and because the songs all have ranges and tones for the singers to sing. I know many people have positive memories whenever they hear songs from the movie or they remember being a kid and watching this movie. Watching how the marionettes moved around still fascinates me because I could not do what they did! I’m sure my puppet would be all over the place and look rather uncoordinated.

I’ve never worked a marionette puppet before, but I have used a regular puppet for a children’s show down in Brazil. During the summer, we’d have college students come down for six weeks and they would do all kind of fun things. My mom was in charge of this and she’d let me tag along. I enjoyed hanging out with the “cool” college students and they saw me as their little “sister” (even though I was in High School). One of my favorite memories of this time was putting on a puppet show for the children who lived along the Amazon river and what an interesting experience it was! Just like the video, the audience does not see all the commotion and craziness going on in the background! I remember people falling all over each other, we would be all crammed in a tiny space and it was hot! My arms got tired from holding them up for so long and my wrist from moving the mouth of the puppet. The best part? Of course, hearing the children laugh and giggle! I knew we all did a good job if the kids loved it! It was fun bringing life to the puppets. I was searching for another video for something else and came upon this clip of the song “Lonely Goatherd”. Since this song is one of my favorite songs, I decided to write a small piece about helping out with a puppet show for poor children along the Amazon river far away from the city. This was around the same time I was in the water with piranhas, but I’ll leave that for another blog. Oh, the adventures! 😉

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