What song breaks your heart?

The VMAs was on last night. I had no idea. I use to watch those shows, but now I don’t because I’m too busy, I suppose. There is one singer called Adele who everyone seems to like. I’ve heard her sing and listened to several of her songs. When Adele sings, she sings with all her heart with such emotion that hits people right in their gut. Feelings of loneliness and heartaches produces such emotion from just that song. I read tweets of people crying everytime she sings or they are suddenly brought back to a certain time in their life from memories she stirs. When I listen to songs, I like to be able to relate to them too. I just can’t with Adele’s music for some reason. I wish I could, but I think I can’t relate to her lyrics. I guess everyone has their own taste in which songs brings the heartache. My feelings run deep and I love it when a song can touch base with my heart and I get emotionally connected to it. THe song above just tortures my heart like no other song I’ve ever heard. Ouch.

So, here is a song with lyrics that just moves me. The longing to be with someone so much is beautifully sung by Daniel Beddingfield. This is my kind of music. It’s a wonderful song albeit I hardly hear this song on the radio anymore.

3 thoughts on “What song breaks your heart?

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