She’s coming and she’s angry!

The news here are giving so many alerts about Hurricane Irene every minute. Even the local radio stations have stopped talking about topics, but instead have devoted the hours to telling people how to bunker down, prepare for a hurricane and so forth. I am not scared or fightened as we are usually use to having these “warning” only for the hurricane to desolve into a thunderstorm. However; one weather anchor was talking about the coming hurricane and the look on her face was one I will never forget. She appeared extremely concerned, which then made me feel concerned as well. There has not been a hurricane at this level of a catagory 3 since 1903. This one is large and has her eyes all up the East Coast.

I was driving back home from work and I was looking at all the pretty trees lining the sidewalks. After the weekend, I’m sure there will be evidence of a very bad storm. Every once in a while, we get little tiny tornados that stop by and leave their mark, but it’s not a pretty sight. Last time, trees were uprooted everywhere, branches scattered all over the road and roofs lifted off of houses and that was only a little tornado!

As I am writing this blog, I’m seeing we have now upgraded to a “severe thunderstorm warning” for my area and NYC. Our Governor Chris Christie has issued a State of Emergency so that the National Guard can go and prepare the places what will be activated for this hurricane. We may not be quite prepared for an earthquake, but we are more prepared for hurricanes. As I can see now, where I live, it’s directly in front of the path of where Hurricane Irene will be passing through. Am I scared? Not yet. Will I stand outside and yell at the hurricane on Sunday afternoon when she appears? No. As I write this, it’s raining outside, but it feels like any other storm. Everything seems calm. The calm before the storm. Tomorrow it’s suppose to be “sunny” according to the Weather Channel. I know people are being told to evacuate the beaches along the Jersey Shore. I live about 1 hour and 15 minutes from the beach and from the tip of South Jersey. I really hope people listen and evacuate. There is nothing brave about trying to prove to humankind that you are some courageous person who will withstand a catagory 3 hurricane.

I’ve got to get some batteries and two flashlights. I’m prepared for 3 days with water and anything else I need. I’m still waiting to see what will happen, but as far as I can see the hurricane has not slowed down and she is still heading towards where I live. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s most likely electrical outage which they did warn about, but I’ll try my best to come online again. I’m sure I’ll pop my head in and write a quick blog, but the weekends are for relaxing. Just keeping positive and taking each hour as it comes. Thanks to those special friends of mine who texted, phone or emailed me to see if I was ok after the earthquake. It meant a lot-you’re the best!

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