My first shockwave experience

What’s this? An earthquake happened today? Where???? So, today I was in the second day of my very long 8 hour meeting for professionals in the Tri-State area. Yesterday was mindnumbing boring, I was too tired to even cook, but I did and I scarfed down some pork ribs I made. Tonight I’m having leftovers-yum. All 50 of us had finished lunch and were sitting at our tables with our groups. The trainer was talking and I felt extremely tired. I was looking at the clock pleading it to go faster. It was 1:50pm August 23, 2011. I had my hands holding up my head and looking around the room. Everyone else seemed close to becoming zombies themselves and almost asleep. I gotta move. I’m uncomfortable. I sat back on my chair. Suddenly, I felt like someone was pulling on the back of my chair back and forth. I felt the room start swaying. Omg, I thought. I am about to faint! I had only one chocolate chip cookie, was drinking Green Tea and a tiny chicken sandwich wrap. Maybe I didn’t get enough food, I thought. I felt myself swaying back and forth adding to my already assumption I was about to pass out! I still was feeling like someone was rocking my chair from behind me. I thought, “Ok. Should I turn around? We are all professionals here, why is someone doing this to my chair?” Before I had a chance to turn around and give a polite smile to whoever was doing this, everyone in the room looked up at the ceiling fans and window blinders swaying. By then, I felt like the entire floor was “rolling” under me. I remember the walls were swaying! It was the craziest and weirdest feeling! People were looking around and asking, “What’s happening?” Someone said, “It’s an earthquake! D.C. just felt a 5.8 earthquake!” which then made people pack up their stuff and head for the door. I initially thought it was another attack. Memories of 9/11 came back briefly to my mind.

We all rushed out and people started to call their loved ones. It was surreal because outside, it was gorgeous! The sky was blue and it was very pleasant. I phoned my mom a little out of breath, I don’t know why, but it added to the effect when I spoke to her. My mom answered the phone and I blurted out, “Mom! Where are you? Did you feel the earthquake?”. My mom said, “No, where are you?” (I told her where). My was mom was down at the beach and said she didn’t feel anything. We hung up and I continued to talk to my coworkers. My mom had left a message saying she had felt the tremors at the beach because as soon as we hung up, people literally jumped out of their beach chairs due to the ground shaking.

Needless to say, after going back in, no one could concentrate and our training was intense. We were all shaken. Earthquakes do happen here in New Jersey, but not to that extent. We are a bit spoiled up in the NorthEast, because we rarely have to deal with that. We just have to deal with bad winters. After 9/11, we all are still sensitive and things like this awaken the sleeping giant of fear within us.

So, that was my day. How was yours?

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