Fathers be good to your daughters….

Tonight I spent a good amount of time talking to one of my bestfriends. I was mostly listening to his girl problems and giving advice here and there. It made me sad how he’s been treated by his ex. It got me thinking what her relationship is with her father. This topic can go so many ways.

Fathers really are important in a girl’s life from the day she is born. From the day she is a baby, she is given that first impression of a man and how she should be treated.

I never had a father who raised me, but my grandfather was a good and stable male figure in my young life until I was 12 years old (when he passed away). With my grandfather, he was diplomatic, well mannered, extremely polite, gracious, loving, intelligent and tender. I admired how he treated his lady friend with old world chivalry. My grandfather took me to see Fred Astaire movies at a local library and it was there that I loved old movies at such a young age. Even today, watching Fred Astaire (“Daddy Long Legs”)movies brings a really good and comforting feeling in my heart and soul. My mom was a little mad he never took me to see a Disney movie, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to be with him. Then later, my mom dated two wonderdful men (it didn’t work out), but their positive spirit and care is something I’ll always remember. If I didn’t have those positive male influences in my life, I’m sure I would have had low self esteem. I often wonder what would cause a girl to hit her boyfriend, or throw plates across the room at her man. I just don’t get it. Is it something she saw growing up? Don’t mind me. I’m thinking outloud tonight. I guess without respect or communication, nothing can work. Or maybe it’s just insecurity?

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