Based on a true story

Today I woke up very early. Yesterday I went and saw “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” starring my favorite CG actor, Andy Serkis. I enjoyed the movie very much! If you liked the true story of Christian the lion, then you’ll like this movie because they are similar in story. This movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, could never have been produced a few years ago with the new technology we have now in movie production. A few years ago, you could never get apes and gorillas to act on cue and do the things that they did on the movie screen. There were some very intense and complicated things they would have had to learn in a few weeks in order to make this film. I’m a nerd when it comes to movie scores. When I watch films, I also take notice of the movie score and how it compliments the scenes. I stayed till the final credits to see who produced the music because it was well done. Anyways, I was running around all afternoon yesterday so I basically crashed around 8pm on my bed. I was so tired.

I love movies based on true stories. If my life was made into a movie, I’d want it from my birth up to my Junior High year, a few minutes from High School and then back to my 20’s. But my life is still an adventure so I have to continue living my life. Only people that personally know me tell me I should either write a book or write a movie script. My blogs are always interlaced with real life experiences. My subscribers know this and I appreciate their subscriptions. They’ve been there from the beginning. My blogs are tidbits of my life, so I can remember and have it online to go back to should I need to retrieve them for future projects.

Back to today’s movie. I watched “Sanctum”. I shudder whenever I read movie critics review on movies. I can’t always rely on them. Besides, who are they to tell me what is good and what isn’t. I think I have a mind of my own to decide, don’t you agree? They are constantly bashing one of my favorite movie producers all the time and I personally think he’s awesome! I don’t always watch films based on how popular they are. I watch if they look interesting or not. The movie Sanctum is out right now on Redbox for only a $1 to rent! You should check it out if you can!

One of my recent blogs talked about “Where’s The Door to the Underworld” which was about cenotes and underwater caves. Sanctum is about just that! Sanctum is inspired by true events. Of course, I can never fully appreciate a movie unless I know what exactly inspired it. Here is a link to an article of the 13 cave explorers who were trapped for 36 hours which inspired the movie. The picture above is inside the real Nullabor Plains which inspired the move Sanctum.


Here is the movie trailor if you are interested in watching it. The movie does not have scarey underwater monsters that kill the main characters. The only killer is making a mistake. This is a good movie for people who like psychology because it makes you understand why the leader of the team is the way he is. I was beginning to wonder why he appeared heartless and cold. At the end, you understand why and you actually like him for why he was that way.

I’ve had my own experience in being in a large hole! On my senior High School trip in Brasil, we went to a park where they had this enormous hole that you could go down in. The place is called a Furna in Ponta Gross of Parana, Brasil. We didn’t ropel down, of course, but instead took an elevator down to a floating island. It was truly beautiful and it’s a wonder I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. At the very bottom, I saw blue butterflies, the water was sparkling aqua blue, sounds of dripping water from above could be heard and wonderous green lush plants climbed the stone walls. I thought I was in a little piece of paradise-it took my breath away. Being at the very bottom looking up at the blue sky and knowing I was about 40 stories below ground, was an incredible feeling. If I remember correctly, they only give you 10 minutes to enjoy the beauty before you have to board the elevator again for the next group to come down. This is a place I would love to return to someday. It took me years to remember the place because during our High School trip we all had to write a journal of our 2 week bus trip. In my journal, I wrote about this hole, but I had forgotten to write the name of the park! Until two years ago, I finally got my answer from someone who had been there as well.

I’ve searched all over YouTube for a video of this place and this is the best one to show you. This video does not give it any justice of the incredible beauty of the place, but overall it gives you a good idea of what it looks like descending and walking around in it.


There are some caves (not deep caves) here in NJ and Pennsylvania I want to check out. I'm not scared of bats or spiders and I definately don't mind getting dirty. I would never explore a cave without a professinal, I'd only go with a big group for novices. I think I'm smart enough to know what my limits are, but the adventure is something I want to try before I turn 90 years old! Don't worry, I'd blog about it and film it!

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