Organic gifts and living healthier

I’ve been thinking for the past month or so about what gifts I want to make this Christmas for people I know. I’ve always been cautious of taking good care of my skin. I choose my soaps carefully and have always put lotion all over myself to be soft and from drying out after each shower. I don’t just choose any lotion, I use a lotion that allows my skin to “breathe” without leaving any residual oils or thickness. Another way I take care of my body and skin is by taking salt baths in my tub a couple times a month. The sea salt helps rejuvenate your cells, softens and hydrates your skin, eleviates arthritis pain, helps regulate your sleep, promotes a healthy exchange of minerals from your body, increases your metabolism and detoxificates your skin. I thought it would be fun to make some colorful and fragranced bath salts to give as gifts. If you are going to make sea bath salts, don’t forget to use a certified Dead Sea Salt company that only uses 100% salts. This may cost you more, but it is the best kind to use. That is the kind I plan to use. I will also have to buy organic essential oils (lavender, citris and rose) and organic dyes to add some color. I want gifts to be as pure as possible without non-organic ingredients. It will be fun to see in what containers I will put them in. I might go with the wooden bath spoon as part of the decoration. I’ll make sure to post pictures. Right now, I’m just getting things organized.

The past several years, I’ve strived to eat healthier. Instead of regular pasta, I eat whole grain pasta (which fills you up more) and use ground turkey meat instead of beef for spaghetti. I can tell a huge difference in my spaghetti when I use ground turkey versus ground beef. The ground beef sits heavier in my stomache as the ground turkey is much lighter. I’ve learned to pick out “free range beef and chicken” at the stores, as the meat is more tender and there are no antiobiotics or steroids in them. I have friends who are extremely cautious of what they eat and I’m always open to their suggestions, but at the end of the day, I eat what I believe is best for my body. Once in a while, I’ll choose a vegan food from the store which is good. Have you ever eaten dried cubed pineapples? It’s really good, I highly recommend it. In saying that, I am very normal and I love my pizza hut meatlovers pan pizza! Brownies, pizza and Breyers Cookies ‘n’ Cream icecream are my major guilty pleasures and I will always eat them no matter what!

Even with icecream I can tell a difference in how it tastes. I choose Breyers because it has the least in added ingredients and it’s overall healthier than the other brands. I may sound like a picky eater, but I’m not. I’ve just had to learn to change my ways of eating here in the United States where most foods are fattening. In Brazil, I ate a lot of fruits and the icecream were all from exotic fruits such as acai. Acai continues to this very day one of my favorite foods.

Ever since I was a little girl, I would eat the acai (pronounced ahh-sahh-eeee) without any sugar or crackers. I would just pour it into a bowel and eat it in it’s purest form. I can’t explain the taste, but I just love it. Whenever my mom and I go to a Brazilian store, we try to find some frozen acai. There are also lots of online Brazilian stores, so I know I can survive if I ever felt homesick and needed some Brazilian food. Acai is full of antioxidents and I was rarely sick growing up.

Since coming to the States, I’ve developed allergies, gotten bronchitis, colds and even pneumonia twice. I’ve come to a conclusion that a person from any part of the world is healthy according to their diet and environment. Sometimes, due to a sudden and prolonged change in a totally different environment with different foods, it can change the immune system leaving it prone to sickness. Indians in the tropical forest live and get well by natural plants to cure their illnesses. Their bodies are use to that diet and cures. A Scandanavian person who eats very healthy and uses modern medicine, may take some time for their bodies to adjust to the exotic and foreign foods entering the body in a tropical forest. Both immune systems of these two people have to adjust or they don’t. My body is still adjusting and I’ve been here for over a decade. So far, it’s been good only because I have a good doctor who has pinpointed why I was getting sick so much. I’m just trying to go back to eating foods that are organic as that is what my body originally is use to and hopefully, that will decrease any future illnesses. Ok class is over!

Eating healthy is a work in progress. The trick is substituting something you love with something that tastes just as good in place of it. I don’t believe in preaching what people should eat as everyone has their own way of eating and tastes. I just try to eat foods that are pure of any antiobiotics or chemicals. If I had a garden, I’d be growing zucchinis, tomatoes, eggplants and a watermelon. I’m a big fan of grilled kabobs! Summer is almost over and before it ends, I need to make a fun kabob recipe for my mom. I’ll make sure to take pictures.

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