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I wrote this blog almost two years. I still think about these foreign films I watched. Even two years later. Hence; the reason why I share them with you, my new blog readers, in my new home I call WordPress.

Aug 21, 2009
Being in a state of happiness with foreign films

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Hi guys!

So, I’ve been watching several foreign films lately. Most people don’t know that I’ve been a big fan of foreign films. I started watching foreign films when I was in 3rd grade. I can’t remember the title of film, but it was shot in Norway. It was a children’s movie starring two very blond boys who lived on a houseboat and their adventures. Having lived in Brazil during those early years of my life, I rarely saw kids with platinum hair. I was mesmerized by the very different land features and beautiful rivers and oceans in the movie. As a child, this was a learning experience. What I love about foreign films is that they are so refreshing, basic, simple, but thought provoking. American films are great, but often they are over the top. It’s nice to take a break and just relax and watch a great foreign film.

So here are a few foreign films I’ve watched lately. May I highly recommend http://www.The Film Those are highly quality foreigned films. The cinamatography is always beautifully shot and the storyline intelligently written. I’m very picky about how well a plot of a film is played out and nothing bothers me more than a sloppy film. I’ve been very impressed by all the movies I’ve watched from that series.

A Simple Curve“- a Canadian movie. = Excellent and a very deep movie. This movie was beautiful and very touching. Anyone who has ever had a close relationship with their father or ever wondered who their father was, this movie is for you! Caleb is the main character who has to decide whether he wants to continue living in the little mountain town or follow his heart and explore and see what is beyond. There is a twist towards the end of the movie and it took me by surprise. This is the type of movie where after you watch it, you sit there for a few minutes and let the ending sink in. The circle of life. I watched this movie twice! The mountain scenery and little town feel is so refreshing! I almost wanted to move up to the mountains after watching this film! 😉

The Great Match“- an Italian movie.= This movie had me laughing the entire time! I didn’t understand 90% of it because the actors were either talking in their Mangolian language or Arabic. The only time I understood it was when the Brazilians were talking in Portuguese! This movie is about the obsession of watching the World Cup of 2002. This movie just made me laugh hesterically because I guess I have a weird sense of humor. This movie takes place in three countries; Brazil (starring the indians), Africa and Mangolia. Brazil and the Africans are all rooting for the Brazilian soccer team to win, except the Mangolians who are cheering for the German team. There were a lot of funny scenes, I can’t explain them all! If you don’t mind hearing 3 different languages being spoken during the entire movie and reading English subtitles, then this movie is for you!

Happy Times“- a Chinese movie.= Good thing this movie had English subtitles. This movie was very sweet and cute! It was slightyly predictable, but very good nevertheless. This movie is about a factory worker who pretends to be a hotel manager to impress a divorcee he met at some dating site. It turns out he befriends her “stepdaughter” and since she is blind, he thinks he can get away with it. Throughout the movie, he gathers all his friends to be part of his “plan” and have them act like his “visitors” at his hotel. It gets a bit crazy since they have to remember exactly what they tell her (she’s hired as a massage therapist) as they come and go as different characters. It’s a cute film and the ending appears as if there could be a sequel. At least, that’s what I would want anyways.

Buddy“- a Norwegian movie. = I really liked this movie a lot! At first, I wasn’t sure about it since it didn’t look too interesting, but I thought I’d give it a shot. This movie is about 3 friends who all have to face their fears. Kristoffer (the main character) likes to film his life in video diaries, so one day, he dropped a bunch of video tapes on the ground of a tv station as he was running from a guy. Later, the tv company called him up and asked if he could be part of a reality show using his video diaries as part of the show. During the filming, people get to find out “secrets” about 2 of his friends (those secrets were very personal). The two friends faced their “fears” and “secrets” in a very public way. Kristoffer had a love triangle going on at the same time.

Broken Wings“- an Israeli movie. = This movie was so touching. Basically, it’s about a widow with 4 children and how they cope with life after the death of the father. The oldest son walks around “like a speck of dust floating around in the universe” and thinks life is meaningless as he works dressed up as a mouse handing out fliers. The oldest daughter is a fledgling musician who wrote a song to her father and is unsure about how her music life will affect her life. Not to be outdone by their older siblings, the youngest brother and sister bring a lot of drama into the household. The widow and mother of all four kids, tries her best to keep her family together without them all falling apart before she does. I really felt sorry for her during the movie because I know that is reality. All the characters ranging in ages of about 5 to 19 all give impressive acting performances.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll be back with some new foreign films to rave about!

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