The Lion who didn’t forget

This 45 minute story is one of my favorites of the love between humans and an animal. I hope animal lovers will like this post. Of course, caution and safety first when it comes to wanting and keeping an exotic or dangerous animal. I don’t own a dog yet. Right now I only own two crazy zeebra finch birds (which I’m sure you heard in my You’ve Got Mail blog post). The most exotic animal I came across was a pet monkey my mom had down in Brazil. This monkey was called Mickey and therefore didn’t like me. There was some tension between Mickey the monkey and myself. I’m not sure what ever happened to Mickey (hopefully he ran away), but he would chase me. My first impression of monkeys was not good and so when I watched “The Wizard of Oz” and I saw the creepy flying monkeys, it scared me. Then another time, when my mom took me to the zoo in Rio, this black gorilla filled his cheeks with water (behind the cage) and spit it out getting me all wet! As a kid and standing there all wet, all I could think was, “Why me?”. My mom later told me that a worker there told her the black gorilla does that everyday to unsuspecting visitors. That day was my lucky day. Just another traumatic incident for this JavaGirl to dislike monkeys. However; in saying that, I will still see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Hope you liked the story of Christian the lion.

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