Cool 3D artwork


I am having a total Carrie Bradshaw writer’s block right now. Yes, I had Sex and the City episodes in the background as I finished up last minute paperwork for a deadline tomorrow. My mind is mush. I’m so tired. I also have a headache from thinking too much. I’ve seen all the episodes (earlier this year for the first time ever), so once in a while I’d glance up and think, “Oh yeh. I remember that episode.” I wear my hair up in a cute bun just as she does in this picture. My hair is really long! I only wear it up like that because it’s been so crazy hot lately. Anyways, rather than write about something I’m not excited about, I’ll show you some cool 3D artwork. Tomorrow I should have some fresh ideas of what to write about. Hope you like them as I think they are pretty interesting!

Let's have some coffee!

Nice wheels!

Watch where you ride your bike!

Might need a raft to get out of this one!

I found a cave under the street!

Have a great Wednesday! Goodnight or Good morning!


Javagirl xoxo

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