Where’s the door to the underworld?

Hi my dear friend,

So today was super busy, but I knew early on what I wanted to write about today. I only had this time now to relax and start my blog. Have you ever heard of this sacred place of the Mayans? It was here, that the Mayans believed was the entrance to the underworld. It is beautiful, isn’t it? These underground rivers and lakes are called “cenotes” and are located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It was inside these caves that the Mayans held their religious ceremonies. There are many other cenotes unaccounted for and yet to be discovered out of 10,000 in the surrounding areas.

This little diagram will give you an idea of how and where they are formed.

It’s so mystical looking.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! 🙂 I’m about to eat some Brazilian chocolate truffles (I made them tonight since I didn’t have anything sweet last night). xoxo



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