Gollum versus Andy Serkis

My dear friend,

As you may know by now, I’m a big Andy Serkis fan! I think he’s so awesome and I get all giddy just talking about him. Anyone who is a Lord of the Rings trilogy fan knows who he is and that he was the man behind “Gollum”. It was Andy who pioneered the computer generated acting skills that we have come to know that movies like Avatar have used with their characters. Sure, the character Gollum had schizophrenia, but he was a very interesting character when his softer side came out. You can see Andy in the movie as himself when he was Smeagol (a human) fighting for the ring in the beginning. I’m not going to write a biography on Andy, but I just think he’s an fascinating person. I read somewhere that life was immitating art because he was a vegetarian, but ended up eating fish once production started on LOTR. Gollum loved fish although he did have a hard time catching them. For some reason, that just made me laugh. I found this video and thought it was pretty funny. This was filmed a few years ago, but I just thought it was funny to see Andy and Gollum together. This is the reason why I added the fish picture above. I think my fellow LOTR fans will like this blog. 🙂


See you Monday! 🙂



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