Night surfers

NightsurfIker Elorrieta

Hi my friend,

I’m about to go to bed now (it’s late), but I wanted to show you this video. Have you ever surfed before? One of my closests friends in Brazil was a surfer and he taught me how to surf. I’m not good, but I was proud to have stood up for a few seconds on the board. Surfing in the Amazon river is pretty rad and it deserves bragging rights. I originally wanted to post a video called City Limits which showed a beautiful timelaps of some Canadian cities such as Toronto, Quebec and others, but wasn’t able to embed it in this blog. It’s over in Vimeo, check it out if you can find it. I still like this video of the night surfers just as much.

When you see them surf, the water is what captures my eye. I guess it’s all lighting and effects, but it sure is beautiful to look at under the night sky. The stars and moon are great effects as well and adds dimension and depth. It definately captures your imagination. I love Vimeo, they have some amazing and great quality videos there made by some extremely talented people.

Random story. I was throwing a little bag of trash into a trashcan I usually throw stuff in outside of my office and just as I was about to throw it in, I heard this quick sound and this brown squirrel pops out his little head and frightens me! I jumped back and let the little guy scamper off. I think we scared each other because he looked just as shocked as I was to have this bag thrown into his little hideout. I’m so tired. I shouldn’t be up this late. Goodnight!



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