Dreaming of Mont Saint Michel in France

My dear friend,

Can you believe I have never heard of Mont Saint Michel in France? I seriously never heard of it. Am I the only one in the world who hasn’t? I’m sure a majority of Europeans have heard of it, but I never have. I was looking at some photos and saw a photo and thought, “Does that place really exist?” It literally looks like it came from a childhood fairy tale storybook. The grandeur of the building and details of the little shops and alleys inside are enough to make me want to buy a ticket to go to France next year for vacation, just to see this amazing and mystical place called Mont Saint Michel. You must know I am and always have been fascinated by buildings, especially castles. If I had a little kingdom, I’d want it to look just like this one, not too big and not too small (ok, it is a little small), surrounded by water.

Doesn’t it look like an interesting place to explore? This is definately one place I want to add to my bucket list of places I want to visit someday. I’d also like to visit the small villages of France too.

As a photographer, you see something like this and it just takes your breath away. It’s that amazing to the mind. At least to mine. I love to write, so right away my mind is going crazy of what a story I could come up with just by looking at this medieval village. I’m a huge medieval fan and right now I’m reading a book “TimeLine” (I’m almost finished it) which takes place in the medieval era; I think that’s why I am so fascinated by this place. All the nooks and crannies in the stone walls and alleys-they have so much history to them. Many centuries ago, people dressed in medieval garb walked those same stairways holding baskets of food and fruits….the market was alive with chatter…..women shared secret gossips to each other….. Can you imagin being born there? And knowing that this little stone medieval village was all you knew? Can you imagin being a girl or guy and having internet access on your laptop in your home there (there are only 30 residents that live there) and you meet someone online somewhere in the world…and you show them a picture of your hometown (a village)? How cool would that be? I am falling in love with this place more and more. I’ve changed my mind about staying at a hotel off the island. I want to actually stay at one of the hotels there and spends days roaming the little village. I am beyond myself right now–get me the first ticket to France right now! I’m inspired. My  next song will be inspired by this place. When I have more time, I’ll get it done and showcase it.


For more information, please check out the link in the video or the one below in this blog.

This video below gives you more detail of what it looks like inside. This is such a magical little place. I must visit!


Also, if you are a Lord of the Rings trilogy fan such as myself, in “The Return of the King”, you will see that the city Minas Tirith was based upon Mont St Michel. Knowing this now, makes me incredibly happy!




20 thoughts on “Dreaming of Mont Saint Michel in France

      1. I remember seeing a picture of this place when I was younger, since then, it has become a place I want to visit too! Nice blog you have by the way, hope you achieve your dream to visit as well 🙂


        1. Thank you! It is one of my many “destiny places” I must see before I turn 100 years old! Luckily, there is plenty of time. Thanks for stopping by and you have a nice blog too. I was part of the postcard site too, but I just never had time to send postcards. I collect postcards too and am in need of getting some from Russia and Greenland. I should get back on it. What has your experience been with it?


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