Fun with Far Side!

After a very busy and stressful week, it’s time to let go and let loose! I was thinking of funny things when I remembered how much I love the cartoons “Far Side”. Here are some of my favorites! If you don’t know what “Far Side” is, it’s basically a tongue in cheek and sarcastic (and twisted) sense of humor. I couldn’t help laughing as I picked some of my favorite ones.

Haha! I thought it was the other way around! We girls think more of YOU guys then you probably think of us! Hm…

I love dogs, but this just makes me laugh the more I look at it! Poor Fifi!

Those crazy chickens! It was actually another chicken, relax! Or was it?

Sometimes dancing can get a little out of hand!


Awkward yes, but I still want to see documentaries of this period the “Awkward Age”–would be funny, no?

The first time I saw this particular cartoon of the cows pretending to “graze”, I never saw them the same way. I would secretly hope they stood on two feet in the Amish farms in Pennsylvania after we passed them .

I seriously think that’s how they think–especially my mom’s dog Kibbles! I swear I see her roll her eyes at me too!


Mr. Larson definately had a warped sense of humor! Brick aliens from outer space invading the earth? It’s a dream come true for Karate schools all over! (Pssst!) Did you see the one with the alien palm trees? Yeh. It’s pretty funny too!

Awww man! Don’t ya hate that when you mess up a dance step and get the wrong element coming from the skies above? How embarrassing!

This one is probably my favorite one of Mr. Larson! An oblivious cannibalistic cow eating a burger! Perhaps it was a veggie burger? 😉 If you can’t read it, it says, “You’re sick, Jesse!…Sick, sick,sick!” because he’s supposedly eating one of the other cows and his two cow friends are mad at him!

I love this one too! Maybe not so “gifted” afterall!! He’s “pushing” the door in, instead of “pulling” the door open. Haha!

Alright. Off to bed I go. I see my cousins up in North Jersey today for a nice picnic. Maybe I’ll blog and take a video. Something…. until then, have a nice Saturday!






77 thoughts on “Fun with Far Side!

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      1. You know, you are right! Far Side did have more science to it! 🙂 I just like the twisted humor. Not everyone likes Far Side and “gets it”, but the ones who do, we are always in stitches! 🙂


  2. Sky Martin

    As an amateur cartoonist, Mr. Larwson is the master. His uniquine view of his surroundings never fail to make me laugh. Three cheers for his talent.


  3. Thank you for posting this. I forgot how much I enjoyed The Far Side. I think sometime in the ’80’s my wife found the School For The Gifted cartoon and posted it on our refrigerator. It always brings a laugh!


    1. Yes, there is a unique and certain type of humor when it comes to Far Side and those of us who understand it find Mr. Larson a genius! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. You are always welcome my friend. 🙂


  4. LOVE IT!!! And that last one is probably by most favorite – rather tied with the one that shows the teacher in front of her class, and a boy has his hand up – the caption as I recall was “Teacher, may I go home – my brain is full!” 🙂 Thanks for tickling my funny bone – and for following my blog!


  5. jackdeth72

    Hi, Java Girl:

    ‘The Far Side’: The creme de la creme of brevity in humor!

    I have the bound, two volume ‘Complete Far Side’ at home and still find laughs glore inside it.

    Boneless chicken? Larson finds a joke there where others couldn’t.

    The School for the Gifted gag still works after decades.

    Absolutely brilliant work!!!


  6. Oh thank you! After enduring an hour and a quarter in crawling-to-a-standstill traffic, and dealing with my fellow frustrated commuters, this was just the de-stresser I needed. Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” was truly a one of a kind, wasn’t it? IMO the only near rival was Jim Unger’s “Herman”


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  8. I love the Far Side. You shared some great ones. I love the one of the gifted student. I’ve seen that hanging in someone’s cublicle before. But I think my favorite here is Fifi running toward the door. I don’t even know why I think that’s so funny. I love our dog, but I guess it’s funny cause it’s just so WRONG!


  9. Emilio Pasquale

    I know this is an old post but I had to visit and comment. I have always loved The Far Side and I see you saved my favorite cartoon for last. We used to have that one (Midvale School for The Gifted) taped to our refrigerator.


  10. Far Side is one of my top favorites. It is surprising to me how close is our humor in the ideas and manner expressed. I have often wondered how my cartoons would look drawn by him. More surprising is how many almost exact cartoons we have naturally having no connection or ability to copy.


    1. I’m glad you liked them. Far Side is a type of humor that is high in intelligence that not many people understand (especially with human nature). Far Side is not for everyone, but the people who do understand and appreciate it, it is loads of fun and gets us into fits of giggles. Especially the Fifi ones, hehe!


  11. Poor Fifi… had me in fits of laughter. Funny how we laugh at the misery of others.! Though it makes me feel a little better about myself; cause it is just a cartoon.. isn’t it..!? 😉 Great post…


  12. Wow, the Far Side. I haven’t seen some of these in a such a long time. LOVE this guy’s wicked sense of humor. Thanks for posting. I know I have several of Larson’s collections around here somewhere…


  13. The cartoon you posted about the cannibalistic cow reminds me of a Lays potato chip commercial.: Mr. Potato Head catches Mrs. Potato head sitting in the closet eating potato chips. He gasps and says “But, you’re a potato” — There’s something about cannibalism that’s funny when cartoon characters are the ones with the appetite. LOL.


  14. Ahhahahahha! LOVE The Far Side. Actually heard Gary Larson talk hilariously about growing up interested in all the weird critters in the swamp by his house. Also showed us a bunch of cartoons supposedly drawn when he was little……”dysfuntional family” comes to mind. All this at a National Science Teacher’s Convention, where he was the keynote speaker, since his cartoons often mined the science fields for humor. My chemistry students loved The Far Sign calendar with a “cartoon-a-day”, many had to check it out before taking their seats. Good memories. Thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m thrilled you love this post! It has made me happy! Larson’s humor is so twisted it’s hilarious, but not everyone “gets” it. However, those that do have the most fun with it…which brings to mind, Fifi! Wonder what inspired the cows he would use pretending to be cows when a car drives by and then standing up on two legs like it’s normal; I mean who thinks of that? Haha!


      1. I wonder, too. It reminded me of people who put on a “front” when other people are around, or they are with someone they want to impress, and then go back to “normal” behavior afterwards.


  15. This made me laugh this morning. I’m a Far Side fan from way back. But the “Awkward Age” was a new one for me. I loved it! They are so many great ones, I’d have a hard time picking 20 favorites! Thanks for starting my morning with a giggle.

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