Cool Mix….

Artist: Madeon

Location: France

It’s been crazy busy lately and sometimes I just need a little motivation to keep trodding on with all my mountain high paperwork. I came across this song and it’s really cool to listen to. I’ve heard it already 5 times and I haven’t gotten sick of it, it’s actually addictive. 80% of my closests friends are musicians, so I highly respect all my DJ friends in their creativity with their songs and mixing. I like this electric board music thing he plays on.

I’m still organizing all my travel videos and pictures. It’s very time consuming, but I promise to give you another sneek peek of my travels. Probably up next is a quick video of my time in “Germany” in Epcot Center. My mom (not my biological mother) is half German, so we went to the German restaurant in Epcot. Even though we lived in Brazil for most of my life in school, besides eating delicious Brazilian food, my mom would make German food as well, which my taste buds have grown to love. Anyways, I’ll write more about it when I upload my next travel video. Eventually, I’ll combine them all on Vimeo as they are a cool site and I use them more for long videos than YouTube. Thank you Vimeo for existing. You make my life so much easier. 🙂

Goodnight! xoxo

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