After the thunderstorm…

As you’ve probably seen, I’ve skipped a few days. These past two weeks (especially) at work have been extremely busy with deadlines that is expected from all of us staff workers. Today at supervision, we accomplished a lot and it feels good. It was also an extremely hot day. I felt sorry for people working on the cement and roadsides. Even though, it was extremely productive, it was nice to come home and relax a bit. I fell asleep on my bed just talking on the phone.

Outside, I heard rumbling. It didn’t sound like a thunderstorm, so I ignored it. The more it continued, the more I realized it was thunder. I was going in and out of my sleep on my bed. I heard the lovely sounds of rain coming down from the roof. I was almost tempted to walk very slowly to my car outside to get something knowing perfectly well I’d get soaked. It wouldn’t matter, I thought. I’m going to take a shower anyways. I guess walking in the daily two hour heavy rains in Brazil will never leave me. I’m usually the only one who walks slower in a rain shower. Unless I’m wearing all white, of course, then I high tail it to safety! What’s more lovely then walking the rain and getting wet, almost a baptism of goodness and cleanse of any negativity or repressed feelings of the day. But I didn’t. I just listened to nature’s melody of raindrops and thunder and closed my eyes again and slept. I was just happy not to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. It was good to be home.

I’ve always been a fan of European music, especially from the Scandanavian countries. Agnes Obel is one of them as she is a Danish singer. I love her voice. When I hear her sing, it takes me to another place, perhaps even a magical place. A place of relaxation and where everything is going at another pace of time. A place where people aren’t rushed to go anywhere and where they feel deeply their passion for life. Is there a place like that? Of course; I know where. Obel’s music takes me back to my childhood.

I like all her songs, but there is something simply amazing about this song called “Philharmonics”. It sounds almost as if it belongs to an Alice in Wonderland movie because the way the song takes you on a musical journey where you can visualize a fantasy land just by the change in the musical notes. I pay very close attention to the changing of the cords and especially the flat notes and the quick haunting oboe in the background. Maybe I over analyze my music, but I can’t help it. I love how they take me on musical journeys. My nature is calm and relaxed, so I need that balance after a busy day. Balance. That’s my motto for this year. Everything in moderation. With heavy busy days, I need heavy relaxation days as well. Agnes Obel’s music does that to me.

Enjoy the music.


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