Another you. Another me. Another earth.

So, I heard about this new movie called “Another Earth” that’s coming out soon. I watched the previews and it got me thinking. What if there was another earth far, far away with another of you and another of me. This somewhat parallels to the book I’m reading right now.  I’ve always been fascinated with other dimensions (only in fiction books) and such. What started my interest in books that talk about that was from “The Time Traveler” which continues to be one of my all time favorite childhood books.

What would you do? What would you do if you were that character in the movie? Would you also try to win a trip to Earth 2? Would you be curious to meet yourself? Anyone with any kind of imagination would think about if there was another world that ran simultaneously with ours. But then again, our daily decisions would affect the time table and life span. Did you know we make hundreds of micro to macro decisions everyday that changes our destiny? We have so many “The End” possibilities in our life. We only have one life to live, are you making your life the best story book life you can possibly make it? I know times are tough out there for everyone, but little daily and free things you do to make yourself feel good or make someone else happy, can make a big difference for when you’re sitting in a rocking chair at the age of 90 and you think about what you did and you smile….and think, “Yes, that was fun even though it didn’t cost a thing!”

I would be curious to meet myself if another dimension out there that had another me living in it. I’m happy with how my life turned out (it has had it’s ups and downs), but I wouldn’t change a thing (ok, maybe three things), but everything else is pretty chill right now. I’d be extremely curious to meet myself because I know where I’d be. I’d be living Brazil and probably with a husband and a few kids. I highly doubt I’d have had it easy in my other dimension. My life turned out awesome because I was adopted. I was taken out of a situation which would have made it difficult to live life, but I’m sure I’d be just as happy with the simplicity of life. My life is different from my biological siblings. I think adopted kids from any part of the world who are given a second chance in life and who are adopted by loving parent(s), are so blessed. Anyways, before I go off in another topic, let me stay with this topic of this movie.

This movie looks very interesting. I can’t wait to see it. I’ll definately write about it once I watch it. Until then, it’s a nice thing to imagin looking up at the moon and thinking, “What if there was another earth with another me.” I just hope the character goes to the other earth, or else I’m going to be upset for sitting through an entire movie just to be teased thinking she’s going (if she even wins the trip) and she doesn’t end up going. Nevertheless, it looks interesting. Hope you watch it too.

3 thoughts on “Another you. Another me. Another earth.

  1. dave

    I have seen this movie and found it very interesting!
    That said i also have and do wunder what if there was another me what would i say to me ?
    I think it would be to be kind, love and laugh!!!!!

    Also if there were another me what could be changed from who i am ?
    the other me would be identical in every situation and thought .
    So what would be the point of seeing another me if i could not change a thing about me ?
    only positive would be to study myself and thoughts , feeliongs and maybe see hwere i could do better as a human being !!!
    hmmm food for thought i guess .:)

      1. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’d like to very much. I guess what the movie is about is if there was another planet with another you that probably would make different choices. If there was another universe with an identical planet (an identical parallel universe if you will), the actions would be identical with the same choices made. This movie looks like the other planet goes with the flow according to what choices people make over there. I know my life would be extremely different from what it is today (and sad) according to what is happening now in Brazil with the building of the dam.
        I like your “other you”. Sounds very nice! Yes, stay true to yourself always. You’ve only got this one life here on this planet, so make the best of it! The older you get, the faster life seems to go!

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