When reality is better than a dream

Just wanted to quickly show you a short video clip of my cruise. I’m slowly uploading my entire trip, but as you can see, it does take some time. I’ll combine all of them to make one long video and that’s when I’ll upload them to YouTube for all my subscribers to watch. Right now, I’m just showing tidbits little by little to my readers and subscribers (something my YouTube subscribers don’t see unless they have subscribed to my blogs). I had a lot of fun putting this video together. It took 3 hours only because I was still learning some Window Movie Maker editing things, so it was by trial and error I got this done.

Heres’s why I chose the music that I did. The first song I found by default. I was looking at Danny Elfman’s music when I saw on iTunes “what other listeners bought” section and it showed an artist named Boris Jojic. I clicked on one of his songs, “Romantic Summer” and instantly fell in love with it. I thought it would sound lovely as a background piece for my first scene of looking at the main lobby of the ship. I quickly then bought his song on iTunes into my laptop. I then searched for a cute song that represented the Bahamas. I must admit, I chose this song by Naturescapes, because not only did it sound nice, but I liked the title, “Come Back To the Bahamas”–indeed, I will! Finally, no pun intended, I chose the song by Danny Elfman called “Finale” for my credits. I thought that music sounded appropriate for the ending as it sounds somewhat sad and dreamy…a longing if you will. I take my background music very seriously. I take time into every detail and thought of my videos.

My encounter with “Salvadore” the dolphin was a dream come true for me! I had my camera with me, but when it was our turn to be with the dolphin, we didn’t have anyone to film it with my camera.  All I know, is that the dolphin felt very rubbery (a thick type of rubbery feeling). They are such sweet creatures! I want to definately have another dolphin encounter. Check out the link below to know more about the program that has had over 2 million visitors come experience it from all around the world.

Monarch of the Seas is a great cruise ship. As you see, it’s very beautiful inside and lots of space to walk. One of my favorite videos I took of the ship was returning back from CocoCay Island (Royal Caribbean’s private island) and you see a front view of the ship from the water level. You can see how majestic it looks just sitting there waiting. I did film the water a lot because I love how blue the water is there.

4 thoughts on “When reality is better than a dream

  1. I enjoyed the video. Love the views of the ship as it reminded of our recent ship (which was a different class of Royal Caribbean ships – of which they have more than several). Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! One of my favorite scenes to shoot was coming back from the Island and seeing how big and beautiful our ship was from the water level. I’ll never forget that moment! It was just so enormous!

      1. I know what you mean. Three cruise ships lined up in a row in St Kitts … big, bigger, biggest ….. (we were on big). This was a fourth cruise & we are planning our fifth!

        PS: Thanks for the interaction. 🙂

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