When Charlie Chaplin smiles…

Can I just say how much I love Charlie Chaplin? I do. Always have. Always will. I appreciate his silent films and was a bit rocked into reality when I heard his voice. It was just weird to hear him talk as I’ve been use to just watching him. I love his song, “Smile” as it’s a very simple song, but rings true to everyone. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like smiling when you have a bad day or you want to cry. Today I got a fake smile from someone. I could tell it was insincere, but maybe she was having a bad day. I may smile with my mouth, but my eyes tell a different story (if I’m sad or upset). My eyes have always been the windows to my heart and soul. People tell me my eyes are extremely expressive and so you can always tell how I’m feeling. When I’m happy, my eyes will be happy too.

I think Charlie Chaplin has an amazing smile.



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