Happy 4th of July

Songs: “Vision I” and “Redemption” by the group Mythos are used in this video above. Both songs from the album “Realities of a Dreamer”. Mythos has such amazing songs; every song is flawless and perfect. I did not have a patriotic song on my iTunes to upload so I picked the next best thing and uploaded two favorite songs I love by Mythos.

I know, it’s actually the 5th of July, but I was really tired last night to upload this. Sorry! We went to my mom’s town and watched the fireworks there. I had gotten a snippet of the fireworks in Philadelphia this past Saturday, but missed a majority due to us eating at an Afgan restaurant down at Penn’s Landing.  I saw a funny poster thing on the bathroom wall there and I’m still wondering if I should show you guys. It’s actually funny, but I don’t know. It’s nothing bad, it’s just silly.

I got emails from Chris Booker and David who were happy with my blogs about them. Both of them took a peek at my blogs and said thank you. They are both sweet guys!

Getting back into the swing of things at work this week has been busy! I have a lot to do and hope I don’t stress out too much this month. I will work hard and play hard! Hopefully, this weekend I’ll go on a kayak expedition which should be fun. I hope to video tape that.

My picture version of my trip is almost done via this free website that people can upload their pictures of vacation. My video version of my trip I still have to work on. That process will take a much longer time period. Hopefully, soon I’ll post it on here on my blog.

Can you believe the outcome of this Casey Anthony case? Are you kidding me? Someone or something happened to that little girl and no one is saying anything about it to save their own fate. Next thing you know, they’ll be all scrambling to have the “first” interview with Casey and she’ll get movie deals thrown her way–ugh, disgusting!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Looking forward to Labor Day now for another holiday! 🙂 Just kidding. I’m enjoying my summer. Hope you are too! 😉

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