Just a random blog

Yay! I am finally home! In my own cozy apt where I can sleep in and not have to worry about “checking out” by 11 Am! Out of all the places we stayed in, I really liked Comfort Inn in Williamsburg, VA and the La Quinta Inns in Florida the most! I liked the customer service the best from La Quinta and plan to use them again in the future for any stays…..they are clean and have wifi for my laptop.

I’m still putting my videos and pictures together, but here are some random photos to show you.

The picture above is the view from CocoCay, Bahamas at our ship. We had to hop aboard a boat from the ship to the island. Coming off the private island, we had to show our seapass and go through two layers of security to get back on the ship.

A view from the top deck of the ship. This was taken within an hour from boarding on. It was so nice sitting there as we pulled away from Florida. As you can tell, people were already drinking and socializing everywhere. The top part from where I was sitting, it was incredibly windy! You can see a little bit of the pool below. I have no idea who this person standing there is.

Palm trees! I believe this is Daytona.  I liked how the the streets were lined with palm trees and the bay, parks and scenery all were very nice.

And THIS video (even though it’s a short clip), shows my ride. It felt like we were were stuck up there for more than 3 minutes! I’ve watched other clips of this ride and they only stay at the very top for just a few seconds–it was pretty funny as we had no  idea what was going on! This is just a part of the rest of the ride. This ride was so much fun!!! I was sitting amongst some people who were clearly enjoying every minute of it as I was, but the best part was coming down and feeling the g-force on your body as the train curved around the mountain!

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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