Was it all just a dream?

Back from the Bahamas! This morning was crazy busy as we took about 1 hour to just disembark the cruise ship. Security into the US is tight. You go through a few layers of security. It was a great feeling to hear, “Welcome Back” after showing my passport. The girls in front of me were from France.

I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time online on the ship. It cost me .65 cents just for one minute. I couldn’t make any calls or receive calls while away due to “out of service location”, haha. You think?!

I accidentally left my camera hook up to upload my pictures and videos in the car and I’m too hot to even walk down one flight of stairs. The weather here is humid I could cut it with a knife. I’ll do it later.

The Bahamas was so nice! I would love to go back and tour it in a much more lazy way. Our schedule was run, run, run and it was always so busy. I loved snorkeling and made friends with the fishes. Everywhere I went, the yellow and blue fish would follow me. I tried to catch one, but it was too smart and swum down deeper into the ocean. I literally was an arms length from all these colorful fish all around me. I could have snorkeled for many hours. The Bahamas could not compare to my first love, the island of Bonaire. The waters there are the waters of the gods. The water is so crystal perfect, you would think you were literally in a huge 500 ton aquarium. There was this cool little barbeque that they had on the island of CocoCay owned by the Royal Caribbean and it was like an island party! People were dancing, drinking, laughing, talking, swimming and eating. The seagulls were not as agressive as Jersey seagulls. The seagulls in Jersey are crazy rude and will just zoom down upon their target and fly off with your food, if not your child. They are ruthless. The seagulls in the Bahamas were kinda shy and would approach slowly and then walk real slow towards your food before you had to shoo them away. They then would pretty much roll their eyes at you and walk away. I’m not kidding! I have a video and pictures to show you (not the eye rolling, but there goes my imagination). The weather on the island was perfect! Even the waiters from the dining hall were helping serve the food on the island. When I heard that, I thought, “Omg! You saw me in a bikini!” I was a little embarrassed as I was always dressed up for dinner during dining. Oh well. Everyone on staff were super friendly! I have loads of pictures and videos. I PROMISE to upload them as soon as I can. It’s hard as my time is busy everyday or there is not a place I can do this. Our hotel tonight has wireless, so I have some time to blog. I loved my first cruise vacation so much, I definately want to go again. I’d love to check out Aruba, Jamaica and of course Bermuda! For those who are scared of traveling via the cruise ship, let me tell you this. You should not be scared at all of anything. The security you have to go through is great and you do feel safe. They run through so much security of everyone (face recognition etc). I never felt once that our ship would sink or be caught in a terrible storm. The cruise ship is big and you feel very safe.

During dinner the first time, I noticed the motion of the cruise ship. I don’t get seasick at all, but I felt sea motion. It took me a day to get use to it. It’s just a very slight back and forth motion, but enough that your equilibrium will take note of it.

Meeting, kissing and being kissed by a male called “Salvadore” was one of the highlights of my entire trip! I miss Salvadore! Could it be love? Yes! Was it love at first sight? Yes! I wish I could have kept Salvadore for my own, but I can’t. It’s a tragic story. Ok. Ok. I must admit. Salvadore is actually a dolphin I met at the “Dolphin Encounter Adventure”. I got a video of him swimming around.  You will see him in a video once I upload it.  We got on a boat that took us to a little island called “The Blue Lagoon” off of Nassau. I have videos and pictures of that too! Oh, touching Salvador was like touching wet rubber! I could almost wrap my arms around him! He kissed my cheek and it was the sweetest and wettest kiss I ever got! Lol! I loved it! Salvore’s trainer was halarious; she kept us (a group of 30) all laughing and interested. There was almost 100 people there divided up in 3 groups of 30 or so. The trainer would yell, “Are you ready for some fun??” and the first group yelled back, ‘Yeh!!!”, then she’d yell, “Are you ready to kiss and hug a dolphin???!!” and everyone would yell back, “Yeh!!!” then she switched it up and asked, “Are you ready to die for a dolphin???” and the group started to yell back, “YE—er, um…..”, and you hear crickets. It was so funny!

When we came off the ship and the Border Patrol people said, “Welcome Back”, I took a long look at the cruise ship and thought, “Was it just a dream?”. Driving around Florida, it seemed like we were hardly gone or even away from the country. I had lots of voicemessages on my phone and emails to read. I’m trying hard not to think of my work.

There are so many palm trees here in Florida! I’ve seen at least 15 different types of palm trees here! We are now in Northern Florda and will go through two States tomorrow and sleep somewhere in North Carolina. I’ll be home by Thursday or Friday. By the end of this weekend, I should have time to upload pics and videos.

One thing that comes to mind is how much I’ve missed the palm trees. They were so much a part of my childhood in Brazil, they bring back life and happiness in my heart. I miss the friendliness of people (everyone was so friendly on the ship and the islands). Nothing is worse than saying, “Hi!” to someone in NJ and they don’t say “hi” back. I’ve had some trouble with that. Everyone is in their own world and only worry about their tight knit friends and won’t allow you in it. Here, people were friendly to me and I was myself around them. I could hold on a conversation with total strangers after they asked, “how are you doing?”. Here, people only say that in passing and don’t really mean it. Florida is pretty nice and people are super friendly. Maybe I’ll take a year off and stay somewhere tropical. 😉 Would be nice, yes? Do you want to come along? I’d love for you to be my neighbor! 😉

More to come my friends. Sorry this is boring with no pictures or videos, but I have to upload my stuff later on. Just wanted to say hi to all my readers. My emails are blowin up with emails responses I need to acknowledge. My friends are important, so I’ve to go now. 😉

Sweet dream….. xoxo



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