Florida is hot, hot, hot!

O to the m to the g! I actually survived all this time without internet! But I did and here I am at a very cool place which is near our port. Our cruise ship is being made up and getting ready to take us to paradise aka Bahamas!

So, with little time on my hands and so much to say, let me catch you up on my life the past few days. After we left South Carolina, we crossed Georgia. I was excited to see Georgia, but Georgia seemed to be on fire (literally) because as I was driving, all I saw was smoke! Everywhere! Not like for one mile, but for many, many miles. Basically, it seemed the entire State was up in smoke because that’s all I saw on the highway! I was a bit nervous as I have asthma and I wasn’t sure if I would need to change drivers. But I survived it and lived to tell about it. Sorry, Georgia, but I was looking forward to seeing you in all your glory as we passed through. Hopefully, when we return we shall see more of you. From the tiny and itty bitty part I did see from it (information center), I loved it! I would not be surprised if I chose to live there someday. I thought South Carolina was nice, but Georgia…wow. What a pretty State! I love hearing Southern accents, I think it’s so cute!

Ok. So then as we left Georgia, we ran into a bad thunderstorm in Florida! Florida, what is up with you? It’s been freakin’ 1.000 degrees here! I can’t curl my hair because it goes up in frizz due to the humidity so I put it in a ponytail. But, the palm trees. It’s been so long since I saw palm trees! There are so many kinds, it’s fun to see them all. Florida is nice too. I thought passing through Jacksonville was nice, but Orlando is a cool city too. Everyone here is so nice!

We finally arrived in Disney and I wasn’t able to get on internet. Tonight is my first time in many days. I’m a very happy woman right now. We went to Epcot first and had loads of fun! Epcot is huge! I’ve been here many times, but I had forgotten how big it is until my ankles were screaming for mercy. Ouch. They are still screaming. They had a wonderful fireworks display at night. We went on the Space Mission ride and I got to be the “Navigator” which was pretty cool because I got to do all the “power” manuevers for our little “ship”. I know it was all simulated (oops, almost wrote the “other” word by accident), but the effects were cool. We took the lesser experience meaning our ride did not do flip flops or any crazy spinning. I know we did other things, but my mind is in a fog right now.  We had dinner reservations for the country of Germany! It was a lot of fun and the food was out of this world! The entertainment was great and it was just a wonderful dinner!  I just loved the entire atmosphere! The people at our table were very friendly and we joked with them. What’s up Maryland! Our entire table was made up of East Coast people.

The next day, we went to Hollywood Studios! I loved this park! I loved it for many reasons. One, being that it was smaller and you didn’t have to walk as much. For dinner, we went to Sci Fi which was one of the cutest restaurants I’ve ever been to! I highly recommend it as it is nostalgic and sweet. When you enter the restaurant, it’s pretty dark and all you see is just a roomful of cars parked with people sitting in them eating! It’s so cute with the big wide screen in front. It’s suppose to look like an outside movie like back in the days. There is one in  Jersey that I go to and you sit in your parked car facing the movie screen. You have to put your radio to a certain channel to watch the movie–it’s great fun! Anyways, so the food was good and I just loved the entire experience! I love vintage cartoons, so that’s what they showed a lot of. They showed actual commercials that were shown back in the 1950’s and “horror” clips such as “The Devil lady from Mars”, “The Collassal Man” and the “Attack of the 50 foot Woman”. It was actually funny to watch as this was seen in movies and people got scared of it. I should rent out those old movies….I love old movies. I could sit and watch them all day if I had to. You would hear people chuckle as the movies and commercials were played. I honestly was hoping I would not choke on a piece of meat due to halarity of some of the “horror” flicks I was seeing!

Also, I went on the “Backstage Lot Tour” which was very fun! We passed through some movie props and got see how things are done. The “ToyStory” ride was a lot of fun and alot of twisting and turning much to my surprise! Oh! I went on the “Tower of Terror” to see what all the fuss was about! I loved it! I went on by myself since everyone else was too chicken to go on with me! I stood in line and braved it. The up and down effect was fun and I loved the feeling of “weightlessness”. I was praying my seatbelt was on tight because you feel as though you could literally just float off of your seat if it wasn’t for your seatbelt! The ride was too short! No wonder people keep going back to it! I would have too if I had more time! I know I’m leaving out some other information, but bear with me. It’s late and my mind is racing. I’m trying to upload my videos, but YouTube is taking forever. Sorry about that.

Today we went to Animal Kingdom. I wasn’t sure how I would like it, but it was very fun! The “Nemo” show was excellent! I’m a Broadway show fanatic and I know when a show is good or not. I expect the best of the best and I was not disappointed! The singers and actors for the “Nemo” show was perfect! I think anyone who is on Broadway has got to be the best in the world because Broadway has high standards. The costumes and effects did not disappoint, I was so impressed! Bravo to the cast and crew for that show! I wish I had pics and videos, but you aren’t allowed to film there. The “It’s Rough Being a Bug” or something like that, was amazing too! I liked this show because I was not expecting what I experience there! As you watch the show, you have to wear 3 D glasses. You’re sitting there and experiencing all these “buggy” things. When a 3 D butterfly flies towards you, you feel a soft wind effect in your face. There was a stink bug and you smell it in your face—yuk! Another part (not telling which part), you feel a “poke” on your back and something squirm under your seat! I literally jumped out of my seat and thought, “What was THAT???!!”. It was the coolest show about bugs! I highly recommend it! We went on a Safari and saw animals. Our bus tour guide was super cool and kept us entertained even though we had a 15 minute delay due to an animal blocking one of the buses.

The Roaring Rapids was loads of fun, albeit I didnt’ get as wet as I wanted to. The Mount Everest coaster ride was exciting!

So, that’s about it. I’ll try to upload more videos as it has taken half an hour to load just one video! I sound hyper tonight. I’m actually quite tired, it’s my fingers and the way I write that makes me sound like I’m wound up. I”m not. My eyes are half shut. About…to…pass….out……..

Oh, before I forget. I’d like to thank Nathan, Luis, MusicLuva, Sue, Kristoffer, my German musician friend from NYC and several others for your text messages, phone calls and emails wishing me a Happy Birthday! Thanks guys! I appreciate it and don’t worry. If I haven’t gotten back to you, it’s not because I am ignoring you, it’s because I’ve been super busy! Once on the cruise, I should have more time. And for those who sent me your address, you will be getting a postcard from the Bahamas soon! 😉 My phone will not be working once I’m out at sea! Please, for the love of God, do not send me smoke signals from land! Haha! Just kidding. You’ll have to email me or Skype. Luckily, the ship has wifi. I missed my internet (kisses laptop).

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