My dream vacations

Here are some of my dream vacation spots I would love to visit someday. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Australia= I’ve been wanting to visit this country since I was in second grade. It was then that I discovered kangaroos and koala bears. I love their culture, traditions and laid back style of life; it suits me just fine and I think I could see myself living there for a very long time. The scenic drive is just breathtaking, no? This destination is a life long dream of mine.


2. Vienna, Austria= If you have read my blogs from the very beginning, you’ll notice I am in love with Mozart! I love his music as that was my starting point as a young child to appreciate classic music. Vienna is a city that combines arts, delicious food, historical building, museums, parks, nightlife, music and everything I could possibly want and love in a city. Vienna would be considered my pilgrimage to music, which is important to me. I think taking someone who appreciates classical music and the fine arts would be the best company. I would be in heaven if I ever set foot in this country. This is another country I could see myself buying a house at for long family vacations.


3. Japan= If you are familiar with my YouTube account, you’ll notice that I love the country of Japan. I’ve known Japanese people all my life and have fallen in love with their culture and cuisine.  I love their culture of polite and respectful mannerisms. I would love to take in everything from rustic villages to the bustling city life. It’s a very expensive country, so I would have to save up a lot of money, but I’m sure at the end it would be  worth every penny.,


4. Prince Edward Island= This dream destination is not too far from me, so the possibility of making this dream come true may happen next year. We shall see. I love how it’s called “The Gentle Island”. I’m all about gentle. I love it that there no billboards and everything is simple. I love being in a rustic, simple and peaceful place such as this place. It’s also a place of a favorite book of mine, perhaps you’ve heard of it? I’m in love with little boat towns along the bay or ocean front. I love Canada and this is just one of her many beautiful places I’d love to explore a little closer.


5. Venice, Italy= Don’t even get me started with Venice! This country is just amazing in every way possible. How can you not fall in love with this country? The vineyards, little brick roads in small villages, culture, food, museums, art, music and how passionate everyone is about everything? I’d fit right in. Brazilians love the Italian culture, as they are very similar. Two of my all time favorite movies called “Only You” and “Under The Tuscan Sun” only solidified my desire and yearning to visit this magical country.  There is such a rich culture with deep traditions and interesting history to this country, I must see this country.


So, there you have it. These dream travel destinations are places I would love to go anytime of the year with family. Most of them have something rustic about them (outdoor cafes, little alleys and balconies), rich culture, arts, music, incredible landscapes and good foods. One day, you might just see me blog about one of them!





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