Search engine terms always make me smile

One of my favorite things to look at my blog stats on my dashboard is the surprise and predictable terms that people search for on their search engines. Whatever they type in, it somehow brings them to my blogs. Don’t worry, I can’t see who you are or where you live. It just tells me how many people typed in a certain word. It’s actually funny sometimes as people will write random words and I may have tagged it in a blog. I think one person typed in turtle. Right now, the “down arrow” is the most popular. It just makes me giggle a little bit because I’ve done it myself for this blog! The most common term people type in that brings them to my blog is the Anne of Green Gables character Gilbert Blythe. He is the front runner and number one for the most searched according to my search engine terms on my dashboard. Second, believe it or not, is the Gobi desert. I guess people want to know more about it. I had tagged that in one of my blogs when I was writing about a movie called “The Way Back”. In third place this week, is the “down arrow”. It changes every week (except Gilbert Blythe who continues to be number one searched). Speaking about Gilbert Blythe, there is a band called that. I had no idea. Maybe that’s another reason why it’s searched a lot. I’ve never heard their music.  It’s fun to see what people are curious about online everyday. I know the other night, I typed in in my google search, “how to get rid of cookies from Norton Security”. If you are really curious to what the world is curious about at any given day, just go to a search engine, type in “who” or “why” and it will automatically show you all the links of the most searched for. For example. I’ll do one today. I typed in “What does….” and I got a article that was written today about “What does your phone number spell?”. You can do “Why does….” or “How come…” and you’ll get the first link of the most read article. It changes everyday. We are just curious creatures.

Oh. And one more thing. The reason why I call myself JavaGirl is because when I was trying to come up with a name for this blog, this Java “update” on my computer kept coming up. It’s not because I like Java coffee. I like coffee, but I prefer the iced Mocha Latte. Maybe I should have called myself LatteGirl. Oh well. Candygirl for my YouTube account is not because I like candy. I actually rarely eat candy!! I chose that name because I really like the song by New Edition called “Candy Girl”. The song is cute and happy.

Ok. My lunchtime is almost over. I have a busy week ahead of me. Take care. Happy searching! 🙂

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