Oh Adrian!


Entourage is seriously my favorite show on tv. It has been for many years now. I saw Adrian G and it was like pure bliss from then on. Allow me to say that not only is he a great actor (along with his talented cast), he’s also done great things regarding charity. Adrian is earthy and eco friendly towards items of that nature and ways of life. I also have been all my life since I came from Brazil in using very natural soaps and shampoos (even ointments and medicine). It’s good to be gentle to the earth and use earth friendly items. I love recycled things that you would never think could be recycled such as a bag made out of bottles! I’m not saying, I would ever buy something that had a piece of tin coming out of it or something that looked “trashy” or that came out of the garbage can, what I mean is that I like things that are reusable. I buy recycled paper for my printer and natural makeup that doesn’t have any chemicals in it. It’s a way of life and it’s not easy for some people to suddenly live like that, but if you want to, you have to take baby steps. I’m not a tree hugger or vegetarian, but I do respect them very much in their beliefs and cause. I can eat steak one day, but also enjoy a good veggie burger the next day. I don’t limit myself to just one way of eating. I’m trying to eat healthier and more organic. I’m not crazy about fructose or other weird chemicals in my food. That’s another reason why I only eat Breyer’s icecream as I think they are the purest in ingredients, they are natural yet still flavorful–yum! I eat other icecreams and it’s so sweet and creamy, I feel like I gained 10 pounds in one bite. I definately can taste the difference in it. My tastebuds can not be tricked.

I think what Adrian is doing is great and it’s great that he’s so vocal about it. I thought I’d share this video with everyone. Check out the link and see if you see anything on there that you would like to buy. When I see a great cause or there is something or someone out there doing a great thing (such as that Lady in Red Fashion Show earlier in my blogs), I make sure to showcase it. Charities have always been dear to my heart since I was in middle school. My mom always taught me to volunteer my time to help others, so it’s nothing I suddenly decided to do one day because it was “cool”. I never do charity work to be “cool”. In fact, I’d rather not be spotlighted if I ever did anything. I like doing things in my quiet way without praise or awards. That’s just me, but I will go public if I think others need to hear about it. That’s why I’m impressed with Adrian. I never knew he had done it for a long time. It shows he’s humble and doesn’t live off of having to be praised about it all the time. He’s a got a good heart. And he’s so incredibly gorgeous. Those eyes, omg! 😉

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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