Amadeus (the movie)

I finally watched the conclusion of one of my favorite movies, “Amadeus: Director’s Cut”. Wow, what can I say about it? It won 8 Oscars, that’s enough proof right there. The life of Mozart is so bittersweet. I feel as though I already have had a connection to his music since age 5. To see his life displayed in a movie (especially towards the end) was so heartbreaking. I believe, he was thee greatest composer ever. You can disagree with me and say Bach or Beethoven was better, that’s fine, but Mozart has and always will have a special place in my heart. The movie depicted him as a “man-child” which was beautifully played out by the very talented Tom Hulce. The costumes and scenes of the homes were incredible! I was quite fascinated by the ping pong work relationship he had with his arch nemesis. The life of Mozart appeared to show he spent most of his life either composing under pressure or trying to prove that his music deserved much more attention in regards to finances. Other than watching the movie, I still enjoy researching him and finding out interesting tid bits about his life.

This scene right  here from the movie is one that stands out of how Mozart’s brain worked. It showed the genius of his abilities to compose music. As you hear him dictate what notes to write down, you hear the actual music come to life. All of the music Mozart composed were heard in the movie as it complimented the storyline. The music itself is the third main character in my opionion. It’s grand. There is a scene where Mozart has fallen ill yet he still has the energy to compose a great piece of music. It is here one is marveled by how well he can conjure up the musical notes in his head with speed. Just between you and I, the part where Mozart “stares” at Salieri for a few seconds as he’s telling him what to write down, that was an actual film mistake. Tom Hulce (Mozart) was waiting for the cue from his earpiece regarding what to say. It’s funny to watch so I suppose the producers decided to keep it in the film much to my delight and others. Tom Hulce was a well chosen actor to portray this musical genius; I honestly can’t think of any other actor during that time period who could have played him better.


The Making of Amadeus video below.

2 thoughts on “Amadeus (the movie)

  1. Like you, I think Mozart’s music is the best. I have loved this movie and the soundtrack since I first watched it in Adelaide in 1985. The saddest part for me was the manner in which he was buried.

    1. Finally! Someone with a genius level in music taste! Yes, the way he was buried was so sad. The greatest composer ever being buried in such a way. I read he has been buried several places and that no one really knows where his final resting place is.

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