Dance of the Fireflies–My new song

Dance of the Fireflies


If the link does not take you to my song, just go to the website “MusicShake” and type in my username “cAnDyGiRL004” and it should take you to my page or just type in “dance of the fireflies” with my username link to it.

So, I’m happy to present a new song I made. I originally wanted to compose a song about Rio with a touch of Bossa Nova, but I changed my mind as I progressed with my song. The song seemed to want to take a different turn and it seemed more appropriate to name it having to do with fireflies. Summer is coming around very soon and today sure felt hot! Pretty soon, the night will be sprinkled with little flireflies lighting up random parts of the night sky. I always find it so sweet to watch children run around and collect the fireflies in their jars. I remember doing exactly that in Brazil when I was young. I wanted to name it Dance of the Fireflies because it’s also a reminder of my childhood down in Brazil.

The video below is a cool example how nature is captured and how music can compliment it. I watched this specific video below and watched how the fireflies moved to bring that out in my song. The music in the video is piano. Very lovely. I then muted it and played my song “Dance of the Fireflies” as a background and it was so fascinating how well it fit in. This summer, I will post my own video and add my new song as a background, so be on the lookout for that.  Heading to bed. Goodnight! xoxo

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