Lady in red….

Hi Ladies!

This one is especially for you! So, you know how long it takes for us to get that special dress? If you are a girl and you have a special occasion, it’s a mad rush to find that perfect dress. I have been looking for that special dress for one and a half months now for the formal night of the cruise. I looked through a lot! The dress is being given to me as a gift, so all I really had to do was just search for thee dress. Well, finally today, I chose one.

I can’t wait to wear it! Ever since I was a young girl and I first heard that song “Lady In Red”, I would daydream myself as the woman in that song. I imagined myself slow dancing to the song in all my glory, wrapped in that red dress. I also dreamed of that soft voice at the end saying to me, “I love you”. I am a true hopeless romantic, yes I am. What girl doesn’t like being told she looks beautiful? So I finally have my red dress. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get one! I just never really had a fancy or formal occasion to really wear one. You can’t really wear a red dress to a wedding (I’ve been to many), or a funeral (too flashy). So the cruise was the perfect time and place. It will also be worn for other special occasion which does not include weddings or funerals. I now have to buy shoes, bracelet and a silver or gold chunky necklace. The dress I got today (it’s being shipped as we speak) is a long, beautiful, seductive yet classy dress. It looks incredibly comfortable. I will wear my hair down in long curls. I’ve never been one to wear my hair up in a tight bun. I like my long hair to run free and loose.

I included my blog with a special video of famous women wearing red dresses. They all look gorgeous! They all wear the red dresses for a cause benefiting heart disease and making the public aware of it. The cause is called: The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection Fall 2011. My biological mother has had two strokes, so heart disease does run in my family. I’ve seen my doctor about it. I always make sure to watch what I eat and to excercise. The heart is a special place. It’s what makes us live. It’s what makes us love. It’s also what makes us want to give to others.

For all those romantics out there like myself (especially the ladies reading this), I leave you with this song. It’s a beautiful, romantic and soothing song sung by the one and only Canadian Michael Buble. Don’t you just love his voice? If I had a choice of having any song sung to me, it would be this one. I feel so beautiful everytime I hear this song. Thank you Michael Buble for making women around the world feel great about themselves with this song.

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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