The Way Back (2010)

The Way Back is the second movie I saw on DVD this weekend. I remember vaguely seeing the trailor for this movie, but the promo for it didn’t catch my attention. As I was looking for something to watch on the website for RedBox, I came across this movie again. I watched the trailor again and decided to give it a shot. I saved it to watch it today since I knew it was going to be a long movie.

The beginning of the movie is intense with lots of emotion. I was gravitated already. I’ve always been a fan of World War II stories of human survival from Russia to France. The time period of the 1940’s has fascinated me ever since I was in middle school. We can learn a lot from history. We can learn that we must not repeat it ever again.

After I watched the movie, I just sat there for a bit just trying to take in what I had just seen. The movie shows human strength in spirit as I haven’t seen in a long time displayed in a movie. It was also sad to see how some members of the team never saw the end of the journey. There were some great lines in the movie that have stuck with me. I loved how during the movie, you really get to know each character. Even Colin Farrell’s character was likable. Even though he played a criminal, you could see he did have good intentions and was a great help in survival to everyone else. The character of Irena was also likable. The guys all took to her like a little sister and they protected her. Ed Harris’s character and Irena become very close during the movie. That’s all I’m going to say or I’ll ruin it. One of the most intense moments for me to watch was when they were all crossing the Gobi desert. I could just imagin what they were going through. You could almost feel the heat through the tv. I almost thought I was getting thirsty myself just watching the scenes. They had heat blisters on their mouth, they were sweating and dirty. You almost want to hand them a glass of water through the tv screen. You can call that good acting, of course. There was just no water in sight for them! All you see is desert from all angles. I thought, “How are they going to get out of this one alive?”. Some of them made it out. I’m not going to tell you who though. It was a very sad scene….

Another favorite scene of mine was when they approach Tibet. Tibet is so beautiful and they come across friendly helpers. After seeing where they’ve been sleeping (places as hard as rocks), you can only imagin how soft a bed felt for them as they hung out with the Tibetan helpers. This scene was pretty interesting for me as well. It was one of those, “What would I have done?” questions when I saw this scene. They had a choice of either staying there in Tibet for three months and get better physically or to continue pushing forward on their journey. I, myself, would have liked to wait three months. But they didn’t do that. It showed me another great example of persistance and determination. When they got shown the mountains they had to cross over, I was shocked to see how big they were and what a feat it would take to even cross them. Even the group were shocked to see what was in store for them. After crossing the Gobi desert and seeing how hard that was to cross, the mountains looked just as bad!

I was curious to read more about the Gobi desert. I had never heard of it. I looked online at it and was surprised at how it looked. It looks brutal and I thought, “How can anyone cross that?” Here are some pics of the real Gobi desert and the Hymalayans. The ones used for the movie were fake locations as the movie productions couldn’t film in the real Gobi desert or mountains.

I know this isn’t your average action packed movie to watch, but it’s much appreciated by people who want to be inspired by the human spirit of endurace, survival and team work. I know I did. If you’re person who can’t swallow watching drama type movies, then this is not for you.

The “special features” on the DVD were fun to watch. They show a lot of behind-the-scenes, if you will, of what went into producing this epic story. In one scene in the movie, the group encounters wolves. The wolves are hungry and vicious looking. Then in the special features, you see one of the actors petting the wolves who were caged together. The “wolves” were all calm and quiet. I won’t say anymore because it will ruin it for you, but definately check out the special features after watching it.

If you are interested in hearing what the director had to say about the entire movie, please check out this link. It’s a great interview and it will open your eyes to so much more about this particular movie.

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