Movie weekend!

Hi friends!

Sorry, I’ve been MIA. My life is just not that exciting at the moment, so I like to lay low and relax. Tonight we made homemade pizza crust and topped it off with our favorites. I’ve never had such a soft and tasty crust in my life! The pizza was delish and I’m a happy woman.

So anways. We rented out three movies tonight from “RedBox” (rent a DVD for one dollar for 24 hours to view it). I picked out “The Way Back” for myself, Jadon picked out “Cool Dogs” for him and for the both of us we picked out “Skyline”. Well, we watched “Skyline”. At first, I thought the movie was very much like “Independence Day” and “War of the Worlds”. The acting was ok. Towards the end I was ready to throw in the towel and say it was dumb, but lo and behold, the ending had a VERY COOL twist to it!! I perked up and thought, “Now that’s a COOL way of ending a movie” because it allowed a sequel to happen. Jadon and I loved the ending of the movie! Now, we are both excited for the sequel. I’m glad I didn’t read any reviews about it before watching it. I don’t really pay attention to what people say because everyone has a different opinion. I like to judge for myself and if I like it and I’m the only one who likes it, then so be it. I don’t allow others to tell me how to judge a movie before seeing it. Of course, I then read the reviews on it and there was a lot of haters out there. These haters are probably “Twilight” movie lovers. I’m not a vampire movie fan. I’d rather meet real vampires then see actors portray one. Seeing two guys turn into a werewolf and a vampire, eh. Boring to me. The vampire and wolf dudes wouldn’t even stand a chance with the squid looking aliens from “Skyline”. They would have been abducted in a heartbeat and their brains into the aliens. Now that I think about the plot of the movie, that would have been pretty funny. You have to watch the movie to understand what I mean by that statement. Haha! I like action movies! We both love our alien movies. I don’t watch horror movies as there is enough horror in this world as it is, but aliens…come on. I can deal with that. Sure, they cause destruction to buildings and steal people’s brains, but it’s much better than someone coming after you with a mask and calls himself Jason. If I saw Jason, I’d be like, “Pfff. Please darling. Take off that funky looking mask and take out the trash. Stop scaring people with that mask.” Later, I will watch “The Way Back” and tell you about it. I’m looking forward to it as it was inspired by a true story!

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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