My top 5 Honeymoon destinations

Happy Tuesday!

So, Prince William and Duchess Catherine are off to their honeymoon! Their location is secret and I hope they get their privacy during this time. Hearing about their honeymoon made me make up a list of where I’d like to go on my honeymoon and why. Of course, I have to get married first. So, just a heads up for that guy out there who is curious to know where I want to go for the honeymoon! I want a place that is different in a special way. Here they are in no particular order.

1. St. Regis Bora Bora Resort= Why? Because it’s beautiful there and the waters are incredible! I like the locals and it just seems like a piece of heaven on an island.

2. Necker Island (owned by Sir Richard Branson)= Why? Because it’s exclusive and I love my privacy. You would feel as though you own the island. Pure bliss!

3. Kanantik Resort in Belize= Why? Because it’s surrounded by jungle life with beautiful woodwork, authenticity, seclusion (there are only 25 cabanas), rustic cabins, very affordable and you feel as though you are one with the land. This reminds me of jungle life. Very much like a Swiss Family Robinson life. I like this resort very much. I would love to wake up and eat a mango and hear the jungle sounds. This place is eco-friendly as well.

4. Robinson Crusoe Island in Fiji= Why? This place is affordable and fun! This place isn’t very private, but you get to mingle and socialize with other travelers if you’re into that. This place attracted me because you have a sense of community with other travelers and enjoy the culture there too. Of course, who doesn’t want to live a storybook novel? 😉

5. Bermuda= Why? Because it’s close! Honeymoon or not, I still want to go there. By watching this video, I really want to go there for fun next year for vacation! Bermuda has lots to do if you’re into ziplining or anything adventuresome! I’m all about adventure and it would be a fun place to go with family, friends or a sweetheart.

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